10 Wallpapers For The Bedroom You Will Love

Bedrooms are the most private spaces of your home. It is where you spend most of your lives. Hence, it is vital to create a relaxing ambiance within the confines of your bedroom walls. What better way to achieve this, than with wallpapers for the bedroom. Yes, the right colors and styles help you create a magical space of your own. You are here is ample proof that you are an art lover.

Wallpapers for the bedroom

While choosing wallpaper for bedroom walls, it is most important to get the right color. Doctors and scientists all over the world agree that you must keep the bedroom dark and cozy to get good quality sleep. Hence, people do prefer darker shades when compared to the lighter tones for bedroom walls. The popular choices are different shades of red, blue, and black. Each of them has its own importance when it comes to sleep.

Wallpapers for the bedroom

Wallpapers for the bedroom

  • Red bedroom wallpapers

Red bedroom wallpapers are ideal for the diehard romantics. They prefer this symbolic color of the heart to express love for their partners. Red bedroom walls are the expression of this intimate and loving gesture. Here is a Red Dream catcher Pattern which is ideal to capture the beauty of the red color along with the symbolic Dream catcher tales.

Red Dream Catcher Pattern Wallpaper

Red Dream Catcher Pattern Wallpaper

  • Purple wallpaper for bedroom walls

Blue is the next popular color for bedroom walls, especially for boys of tender age. However, they mature to choose the darker variant of purple as they grow up. Purple leads to deeper connections and bonding.

Here is beautiful wallpaper for bedroom walls with Purple Agapanthus Lily in Unidirectional Pattern. This floral design bedroom wallpaper, inspired by the Lily of the Nile, brings in a fresh fragrance to the bedroom walls.

Purple Agapanthus Lily Wallpaper

Purple Agapanthus Lily Wallpaper

  • Black wallpaper for bedroom walls

Although most people tend to think of black color to be dark and gloomy, it is well suited for the bedroom walls. It has the capacity to put you in deep sleep as soon as you hit the bed. Yes, you can certainly add a spark of your creativity to bring different designs and patterns to this black wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Here is black wallpaper for bedroom walls with a magnificent geometrical fan design which is perfect for your bedroom.

Geometrical fan design wallpaper

Geometrical fan design wallpaper

Although these dark colors are the most prominent choices for bedroom walls, you can always mix and match to combine them with different colors and designs. This way you have your own signature on the walls of your house with wallpaper for bedroom accent wall.

Bedrooms with wallpaper feature wall

Apart from choosing colors and styles, the easiest way to create your own mark on bedroom wallpapers designs is to make a feature wall. A feature wall is the focal point of the room. Hence, avoid walls with windows and doors for creating a master bedroom wallpaper feature wall. It must add interest and energy to the bedroom through texture, color, and contrast.

These Artistic Gold Monstera Leaves on a Dark Grey Background are perfect for a feature wall. It can be used in a contrasting combination with other wallpaper for bedroom walls.

Accent wall bedroom wallpaper

Just like a feature wall, accent walls differ a bit from the other walls. These modern bedroom wallpapers may not be entirely in contrast, but just a slightly different shade from the other walls. 

If you are a fan of the forests, then you can use this Jungle Print wallpaper for bedroom walls along with black or gray plain textured bedroom wallpaper.

Monster high wallpaper for bedroom walls

Master bedroom wallpapers, like monster high wallpaper, give an illusion of larger space. They can be used on a light or dark background color.  This monster-high wallpaper on bedroom walls gives a stunning visual appeal each time you return to your bedroom.

Flower wallpapers for bedroom walls

You can bring home the brightness of colors along with the freshness of flowers with wallpaper for bedroom walls. They bring in their own purity and tenderness to your lives. The more colorful flowers, the more the pleasant atmosphere of your bedroom becomes. 

You can get these rainbow-colored floral wallpapers for the bedroom for a vibrant and optimistic feel.

Glitter wallpaper for bedroom walls

All that glitters is not gold. But gold certainly glitters, especially in the darkness of your bedroom.  So if you wish to get that glitter then do check out the amazing collection of glitter wallpaper for bedroom walls. They include everything right from flowers, leaves to traditional damask patterns.

This Golden Leaves in Black Background glitter wallpapers for the bedroom has the perfect blend of darkness and shimmer.

Brick wall wallpaper bedroom

Give a traditional look to your walls without spending a fortune. The brick stone wallpaper for bedroom walls is the perfect way to transform your walls and give them a complete make-over without having to worry about their final impression. Brick stone art is traditional and yet is forever in trend.

Here is classic brown brick bedroom wallpaper. It can easily match with the wooden bed and other furniture of the bedroom.

Romantic 3D wallpaper for bedroom walls

When it comes to bedrooms, you like to explore your slumber time within your own dreams and illusions. The 3D wallpapers in bedroom thus become the number one choice when it comes to decorating the bedroom walls. Adults prefer to bring in the sparkle with ornate or floral designs for their bedrooms. The floral 3D wallpapers for walls have the ability to add the fresh fragrance of romance and passion to their lives.

Here is one sparkling floral 3D wallpaper for walls of the bedroom. It has a velvety texture that easily matches the furnishings of the bedroom.

3d wallpaper for bedroom walls

Kids having their own bedroom; is an emerging trend in India, even in rural places. Kids usually go by the color themes. Pink 3D wallpapers for walls of the girls, whereas blue for the boys’ room. They prefer cartoon characters or superheroes to adorn their walls. Being pure at heart, kids love the pristine beauty of flowers too for the wallpaper for bedroom walls.

 Here is one such Blue Floral 3D wallpaper for walls suitable for the boys’ room.

Modern wallpaper for bedroom walls designs

You can have fun with your naughty kid’s wallpapers for the bedroom with this colorful ghost motif on a royal blue background wallpaper and give a smile to your child every time he/she looks across the room.

Now let the wait be over,  go for ready to pick or create a combination and custom themes that combine walls, posters, doors, and windows. The blog will surely help you explore the possibilities that are virtually available, ready to be brought home. Energy travels, make them travel beautifully!

Are you willing to run as illimitable and boundless as your creativity and ingenuity?









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