37 Brilliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kitchen is where the magic resides; magic to create delicious cuisines, the magic that leads to happy tummies. And do not worry if you are a terrible cook. Even a packet of instant noodles smells delicious when you have a well-designed kitchen. Thinking about kitchen remodelling, but worried about its size? These 37 brilliant small kitchen design trends would change the way you dream about your kitchen. From the installation of kitchen islands to choosing the right wall paint, our list has your back when it comes to small kitchen design.

  1. Kitchen design ideas

There is never ‘too much’ storage space when it comes to kitchens. You need space to place your big utensils and cooking appliances (miner-grinder, juicer, etc.). And space is always an issue in small kitchens. So, if you plan to remodel, opt for cabinets with sliding doors. Sliding doors save space for not requiring door space.

Make the most of your walls and personalize your kitchen with the patterned and textured wallpaper designs. Go for optically illusive geometric artwork to show your artistic personality and give a colourful look to your kitchen.


  1. Open Shelves/Floating Shelves

Before breaking down the wall to create shelf space, you can always purchase stylish and contemporary floating shelves online or from stores. Go bold with all-over floral kitchen wallpaper design. The traditional white marble countertops and open shelves prevent the bright blue background from overwhelming the viewers.

  1. Pendant Lights

More than often, one is surprised to see how a small alteration can enhance the entire look of a space. For instance, think about installing colourful pendant lights in your otherwise monochromatic kitchen complementing with beautiful wallpaper. A pop of bright yellow or minty green is sure to catch the eyes of your guests.

  1. Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchen comprises two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor. This kitchen layout works for small spaces. While remodelling your kitchen into a galley layout, remember that there are two options. Firstly, galley kitchens can be relatively symmetrical. This means the countertop runs parallel on both sides. Secondly, the galley kitchen can be asymmetrical. In this case, on one side there is counter space and on the other side, there could be tall cabinets or wall units. If you want kitchen design for small space, you can go for L-shaped kitchen or else the idea of galley kitchen suits best. Use contact paper to decorate these kitchen cabinets to make them look more elegant.

  1. Cosy hues

You can go traditional by choosing soft hues and light prints for kitchen wallpaper. Colours, like, peach or steel blue or beige-yellow are conventional. Pair them up with bold-coloured kitchen cabinets to add some colour to your kitchen layout. Small spaces appear to be larger when painted with soft hues. Keeping in mind today’s design trends you can also decorate your kitchen walls with beautiful floral wallpaper to make it a statement kitchen.

  1. Experimental Wallpaper ideas

In recent times, interior designers are suggesting unconventional wallpaper ideas to highlight the small space. Shades like dark grey, maroon or plum red, teal or berry blue might also look nice if accessorised appropriately. The unconventional shades add a touch of sophisticated appeal to small kitchens.


  1. Colourful Contact paper

Instead of painting the walls, you can always make your kitchen cabinets colourful. Keep your kitchen layout simple and plain and apply contact paper to your kitchen cabinets to make small space look wide.

  1. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands have become essential in times of small spaces. From preparing space to cooking space to storage space, kitchen islands serve numerous purposes. In bigger kitchen spaces, one can opt for centre Kitchen Island as they add dimension to your interior design. In case your apartment lacks a proper dining area, centre kitchen islands can also act as a dining counter space. All you need to ensure is that there is leg space to place chairs.

Kitchen design images small kitchens

Centre Kitchen Island may not always be feasible for small kitchens. In that case, opt for peripheral kitchen islands. In the case of the peripheral kitchen island, one can use the space above to install floating shelves or cabinets. You can also add storage space under your kitchen islands for big utensils or appliances. You can decorate this kitchen island with contact paper to give a classy look.

  1. Refurbished Furniture

Are you hesitant to spend on the kitchen island? Here is a budget-friendly idea to reuse your old furniture like a kitchen island. An old cabinet or a tall dining table which has a narrow top can be reused as a kitchen island without having spent much and to give it a new look apply contact paper on it.

  1. Portable Trolleys

You can use a trolley as a portable kitchen counter space or food service counter. Multi-level trolleys can be used to stack away your cutleries or cookbooks give some additional space.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets

This commonly used storage idea is affordable and contemporary. Install cabinets along with your peripheral kitchen islands. Go for brightly coloured lacquer-finish kitchen cabinets to add colour to your kitchen. And add wallpaper to your kitchen layout to complete the modern kitchen design.


  1. Rugged-Rug

Keep your kitchen design neat with rugs or carpets that match your countertop. You can choose any material, such as, jute, woollen or faux fur that would go easy on your feet. To complete the modern kitchen look, decorate your kitchen walls with abstract wall art panels.

Mix and match

Not too conventional. Not too bold, opt for a mix and match elements for your kitchen. For instance, choose a light shade for your walls and add a bold colour to your shelves or cabinets or hang a beautiful wall painting. Or go for an unconventional tile print. Bring balance to your kitchen design ideas.

  1. Pretty Little Things

A rack to showcase your collection of cookbooks or coffee mugs, a vase with your favourite flowers – such little enhancements can bring big changes in your small kitchen space. Simply put up a canvas framed wall painting of a quirky food/beverage quotes or hang some artificial creepers along the wall to make your kitchen layout appear more welcoming.

  1. Tile-it-up

Tiled wallpapers can be conventional or contemporary. Printed tiled wallpapers never go out of fashion. Geometric or floral-patterned wallpaper is classic and fashionable. You can also opt for quirky prints or mix and match wallpaper prints for your kitchen.


  1. Mosaic Tiles

Choose from the wide-ranging options of mosaic tiles, from glass mosaic to stone mosaic, and glam up the entire appearance of your kitchen. Use stone contact paper for your kitchen cabinets to make it entire setting more interesting.

  1. Floor Tiles

Instead of jazzing up the walls with printed tiles, you can also go for simple wallpaper or monochrome tiles and add the pizzazz with printed floor tiles. Unconventional and geometric patterned bright wallpaper on your kitchen walls could make your small space appear larger.

  1. Faux Tiles

Interior designers also recommend stick-on tiles or tile printed wallpapers for kitchens. These come within making a hole in your pocket. Stick-on tiles give a wooden or ceramic tiles or brick appearance to your kitchen walls.

  1. Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are timeless. Give an elite look to your kitchen layout with mahogany or teakwood floors. Some cheaper wooden materials are also available to give that desired look without being extravagant. To match the floors there are wooden wallpaper designs for kitchen walls to complete the countryside look of your kitchen.


  1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Island or Gas Oven

The feel of metal in your kitchen has a lasting impact. Go for stainless steel kitchen island or gas oven with matching background contact paper. Just ensure that the edges are not too sharp.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner]


  1. Warm-up White and Classy

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Same goes for interior designs. Add a dash of high contrast wall covering for your white walls with transparent glass top with white kitchen cabinets are the ultimate design trend to make your small kitchen space look larger and brighter. The expression of light is showcased best through pure white. Risky to maintain but it is the epitome of classic choice.

  1. Behind the Bar Seating

You can also convert your centre kitchen island into a dining or drinking space by adding bar stools around the island. This creates a sophisticated look for your kitchen without making much effort. Make your home bar feel more luxe with bold and beautiful coloured wallpaper behind it.

  1. Dining area

When your kitchen is also your dining area, add a foldable dining table to your kitchen island. If you have space constraint for designing a proper dining space, purchase a long wooden table with stools within the kitchen. In the absence of guests, the wooden table can be used as a meal preparation area. Vintage wooden tables are perfect for the appeal. Go bold with colourful floral wallpaper to keep it a happy place.

  1. Framed wall painting save

Is your kitchen lacking windows? Utilize the walls by framing your favourite portraits or artworks to distract your guests from noticing the space of your small kitchen. Make sure to hang the wall painting away from the oven top.

  1. Vinyl wallpapers

Highlight a single wall or all the walls of your kitchen with vinyl wallpapers. Choose from a wide collection of vinyl wallpapers online or in stores. Some of the design trends include continuous floral prints, geometric prints, African symbolic prints, starry sky prints and so forth.

  1. Designed backsplash

Are you thinking of remodelling your kitchen without going for a huge transformation? Instead of choosing printed or graphic tiles for your backsplash, you can opt for vinyl wallpaper. It renews the entire look of your kitchen with the slightest alteration. You can also opt for marble finish backsplash if your budget permits so. This would surely make your modern kitchen enticing.

  1. Clutter-free work-surface

In small kitchen spaces, even the smallest clutters can appear overtly messy to an outsider. Make sure to always keep your work-surface clean. To make your kitchen space look edgy and classy use geometric print wallpaper. You are always bound to think of storage solutions. Use ample rails to hang utensils, pans and mugs, or hooks to suspend cutleries. Make the best use of your storage space and try to keep things inside so it looks neat and tidy.

  1. Black and white

A splash of black in your white kitchen is probably the look of your dreams. Darker countertops and storage cabinets require less care than a pure white kitchen. Buy a classic black and white flower print wallpaper to get that classic look to your kitchen.

  1. Charming chandeliers

Though it sounds audacious, picture a small brass-clamped lighting or a mini chandelier at the centre of your kitchen. A small lighting choice can go a long way when it comes kitchen remodelling. Add contrast dark coloured wallpaper to give a perfect dinner date setting to your kitchen and dining.

  1. Kitchen garden

Have a window to spare. Plant your favourite seeds in mini reusable plastic tub wares (that comes with every home delivery) or small ceramic/clay pots. From cherry tomatoes to coriander leaves, be a proud owner of your minuscule garden. The presence of herbs and plants also add a natural touch to your small kitchen. To give your kitchen design gardens look; decorate it with garden print wallpaper to give a realistic look.

  1. Succulents

In case you are a careless gardener, go for small succulents for your windowsill at the kitchen. Succulents survive in less water and add vibrancy to your kitchen.

  1. Window blinds

Window blinds are the forthcoming trend in interior designs. Whether it is your living room or kitchen, window blinds add a traditional vibe to your space.

  1. Play with colours

Paint the inside of your cabinets with brighter colours and cover the walls with lively and colourful wallpaper. This ensures a smile from your guests every time they enter your kitchen and open the cabinets. This will bring positive and happy energy in your kitchen.

  1. Blush Pink

If you are in love with the colour Pink opt for blush pink kitchen wallpaper against white Kitchen cabinets and fall in love with your kitchen every single day.

  1. Lighting your way

Space can look cheerful or cosy, depending on your choice of lights. Choose the right pendant light that matches your kitchen wallpaper colours and your kitchen design.

  1. Sunshine yellow

Choose a soft hue for your kitchen walls except for one single wall. Cover it up with bright yellow wallpaper to make it pop in your otherwise monochrome kitchen. Design the wall with your favourite photographs or place a subtle wall painting. And you have a space to cheer you up!

  1. Go Green

From mint green to hunter green, choose from the spectrum of green shades for your kitchen wallpaper or island. Let this nature-inspired kitchen awe your guests.

When it comes to kitchen design trends there are innumerable permutations and combinations. All you need is a creative thinking mind and the right decorating materials. As you see, small alterations can make a huge difference in your kitchen design ideas. Lights, when used with the right coloured wallpapers, can make your small kitchens look larger. Choosing the luscious green foliage window blinds blends well if you have a small kitchen area filled with fresh micro-greens. Trendy wooden door stickers gel well with wooden kitchen cabinets.

You can even use decorated contact papers for your shelves, cabinets, and storage solutions. Instead of a complete kitchen remodelling, you can just spice up the kitchen countertops and backsplash tiles with waterproof contact papers which look much better than the actual marble, granite, or tiles traditionally used. You can also give a new look to your kitchen appliances like the oven, refrigerator, chimney hood, etc. All you need is a metallic colour or steel contact paper to give them a fresh glazed look.

If these pocket-friendly ideas entice you, then wait no more. Order Now. They have all the home decor products to help you reinvent your kitchen – wallpapers, window blinds, door stickers, contact papers, and posters too. Yes, here you can get a custom print of kitchen wall posters displaying fruits and vegetables to get the digestive juices flowing fast![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]