5 Kids bedroom wall painting ideas

Children are the epitome of innocence and naivety. Every parent desires to let their children come home to a peaceful and happy ambiance. Hence, the need for kids’ bedrooms to be designed with extreme care and love. 

For all the soon-to-be parents or parents looking forward to redecorating your kids’ bedroom, we are here with the latest trends for wall painting ideas. Designing the child’s bedroom is crucial, as it should be, representing his or her personality. The paint design should be such that the paint would not outgrow your kid too soon. At www.printmyspace.com, we found some great options of art panels and wallpapers to decorate your kids’ bedroom. Here is a list of the trending painting ideas for kids’ bedrooms.

Kids bedroom wall painting ideas
Kids bedroom wall painting ideas

Wall painting Ideas For Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom:

1. Glow in the dark paint:

Move on from glow-in-the-dark stickers of stars and the planets. Recent trends include glow-in-the-dark paint ideas. This e image includes not just a night sky image for walls and ceiling.- the variety also includes a swarm of butterflies, night fairy, unicorn in a field, strolling dinosaurs, galaxy, class of dolphins, motivational phrases, and so forth.

Kids stars and planets wall paint
Kids stars and planets wall paint

2. Accent Walls:

Painting one wall with a different wall paint from the rest of the walls in the room is an ongoing trend. The newest addition is to apply textured wall paint on a single wall to bring it in focus. For instance, choose the wall behind the bed or the study table in your kids’ bedroom. Apply a trendy accent wall paint design to transform the bedroom. Choose a painting pattern that is both vibrant and unique. Some trending designs include modern triangle patterns, herringbone print, vertical and horizontal stripes, abstract geometrical patterns, diamond print, pen arrow print, floating clouds print, honeycomb print, and many more. 

3. Mix and Match Effect:   

Planning to go for stereotypical pink for your daughter’s room or blue for your boy’s room? Go traditional with a twist. For the girls’ room, choose a Disney princess or fairy princess, or unicorn with rainbow-themed paint on a lush pink background. For the boys’ room, opt for comic characters or landscape print over blue shade. Common themes for interior wall painting can include cartoon characters (Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, etc.) or favorite animals painted over the background color. Go for a unique print like painting the characters from the popular kids’ movies (Finding Nemo, Up, Toy Story, and so forth) painted over the accent wall.

4. Wall Murals:   

Wall painting ideas for bedrooms, wherein you may imagine your kids’ bedroom turned into a work of art. Paint a continuous landscape that spreads on all the walls of the bedroom. The ceiling could be painted a matching blue to give the impression of the sky. Or paint the Milky Way or Galactic on a blue and white background. Help your kids grow fond of sports or music or any form with their choice of art form painted on the walls. Create the feel of a jungle, with life-sized wild animals drawn across the room.


Kids jungle wall painting
Kids jungle wall painting

5. Vinyl Wallpapers:

Last, but not least, wall painting art cannot be talked about without a mention of 3D vinyl wallpapers. These are a great and pocket-friendly way to design your kids’ bedroom. Go for a single wall with dramatic print or all walls with subtle prints, vinyl wallpapers have all options. Let your kids have the sweetest dreams with the right choice of room decal. Vinyl wallpapers with world maps, pirate-themed, fairy tales-themed, or art form-themed are some popular options to opt for. If your kid is a nature-lover, you may also go for nature-themed wallpapers.

Here are some of the popular special effects for children’s bedrooms:

Paints can make or break a room design with the right choice.

Paint drip

Paint drips are a fun way to paint your walls. You can keep pure white or another base color for your walls. Paint drips are the best way to hide any damages or marks on your walls. Stick to one or two colors, or dive into a whole rainbow of colors. 

Stencil art 

Stenciling is another paint effect for walls that can be done without the help of experts if desired. Spend a fun afternoon with your kid applying stenciled designs over a base coat. With stencils, you repeat a motif at equal or unequal intervals.

Dry Brush Art

A third entertaining way of decorating your kids’ bedroom is by the use of a dry brush. The dry brush effect can also make small spaces appear larger. For this, choose a darker hue as your base color. Then, with a wide dry paintbrush, create interesting textures on the base. You can create vertical straight lines or zigzag patterns. A similar effect is stippling. In stippling, use a dry shoe-polish brush. Do not create lines. Just touch and go to create the perfect and subtle stippling effect. 

 Rag Rolling and Sponging

The Rag Rolling effect uses a patterned brush to create the patterns on the wall. Sponging is another popular and easy paint effect. A synthetic sponge creates finer effects. Use a base coating and then dab a sponge dipped in colors on the coating.  All the above paint effects are easy to apply and can be done by yourself with proper equipment.


Instead of wasting your time in painting the walls of your kids’ bedroom, you may also opt for the hassle-free option of installing wallpapers. There are some great kids special options of wallpapers that are gender-neutral and interesting. You can look at some options here:

Make sure to choose the right accessories for your kids’ rooms. Other than wall paintings, you can also redesign your kids’ bedroom with window blinds, door stickers, and innovative wall accessories.  For instance, a Lord Buddha wall art print to inspire calmness in your kids’ minds. We hope that the above ideas create a magical space for your children that is etched in their memories forever.