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5 Stunning Wall Coverings Ideas For Your Home

The confines that define your private area are your home walls. By the way, they are embellished, they provide significance to your unique zone. Gone are the days when walls were simply painted with a variety of hues and paints. With wall coverings ideas, you may now give your basic, tranquil walls a distinctive brilliance. These stylish wallpapers come in a variety of colors and patterns to help you make your walls stand out. Before you go out and buy these wall coverings online or at a store near you, there are a few trending ideas you should know.

Here are the Top Five stunning wall coverings ideas for your home:

1. Wall covering with wood:

Wall Covering With Wood

Wall Covering With Wood

Wooden wall coverings are a great way to hide unfinished surfaces and give your space a welcoming and warm feel. Wooden wall concepts never go out of style! Wooden wallpapers provide the same attractiveness while ensuring that no trees are chopped down for the purpose.

2. Wall coverings with fabric:

Wall Covering With Fabric

Wall Covering With Fabric

Common textile fabric may be used to cover your walls with ordinary laundry starch, and it can be removed at any moment without harming the walls. It’s a great alternative for tenants who may need to return the space to its original condition once they move out. Paint or wallpaper can’t compare to the warmth and sleek, welcoming texture that fabric brings to a space. It’s also great for soundproofing and hiding flaws in your walls. In bedrooms, libraries, and media rooms, upholstered walls look as good as they feel.

3. Innovative wall coverings:

Innovative Wall Coverings

Innovative Wall Coverings

Moving into a new home and methodically decorating everything, except for one problem: the wall. The monsoon rains, along with the extreme heat, can devastate a home’s walls, causing seepage or fissures that are ugly. Despite repairs, the concern frequently recurs year after year, causing dissatisfaction at the prospect of having a wonderful home that no longer looks so attractive. If you have an unattractive wall in your home and aren’t sure what to do with it, these ten suggestions could be able to help you turn it into a piece of beauty. Wallpapering is a terrific way to add interest to a wall and is an amazing solution to disguise ugly walls. Plants may be used to create green surfaces, and paneling can assist save money while still looking inventive.

4. Cheap ideas for wall covering:

Unpleasant walls might get on your nerves at times. You can’t bear it any longer, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Perhaps you are unable to replace the wall due to a lack of funds. You may have long-term intentions for the area but only require a temporary solution. Alternatively, perhaps you rent and are unable to make permanent alterations, as many others do. So, how do you hide those blocks before the sight of them drives you bonkers?

Below you’ll find several exceptional options. Here are some low-cost, quick-to-install wall coverings.

  • A piece of foam
  • Prints on canvas
  • Wallcovering made of starched cloth
  • Wall hanging/curtain made of a loose cloth
  • Hanging tapestry
  • Wall stickers made of vinyl
  • Wallpaper that peels off and sticks
  • Mirrors
  • Panels of cork
  • Whiteboard

5. Temporary wall covering ideas:

Temporary Wall Covering Ideas

Temporary Wall Covering For Wall

There may be numerous reasons for you not having a permanent wall covering. You are planning to shift soon, your kids’ studies may get disturbed with the detailed and prolonged work, you ought to get bored with the same styles pretty too quickly…and many more. Here is a list of temporary wall covering ideas just for you.

  • Temporary Wallpaper
  • DIY wall design using Masking Tape
  • Hanging Art/Photos
  • Wall Decals
  • Tile Transfers
  • Stretched Fabric & Tapestries
  • Shelves
  • Bamboo blinds

The first and foremost thing you need to know before placing your online order for wall covering is the materials used. Most modern-day wallpapers are washable, durable, and the easiest to apply and remove. They are no longer made of fragile paper only; in fact, they are made of various materials including fabric, wood, metal, cork, and mica too. The most popular choice for DIY is the vinyl one. Next important thing is to understand the correct size of your room for hanging the wall coverings. You may be having huge windows and openings in your walls, which would tempt you to save on that area while ordering. However, it is best to include them to rule out wastage caused while matching designs of adjacent wallpaper rolls. Ideally, understanding the dimensions of your room as well as the standard roll size of the wallpaper you selected will help you calculate the number of rolls you need to order.  If you plan to hang the wall coverings yourself, it is also essential to understand the types of pasting before you place your online order. You sure would not like to go for the traditional roles where you need to prepare the paste or buy it separately. Instead, you could opt for the self-adhesive or peel and stick and removable wall coverings.

Decorating a commercial or residential space is an equally artistic and tedious job. You need to be abreast of the latest trends as well as work within your budget and fulfill your dreams. The major impact is created by the looks of the walls. If you are planning to hang wall coverings and have a lot of doubts before proceeding then, overcome your dilemma and as we bust these three major myths…

The wall coverings were indeed named after the walls when invented. However, since the passage of time, wallpapers have evolved to be much more versatile. People prefer to use them not just for the doors but also for the fifth important wall – the ceiling! Yes, it is true, wallpapers add a bit of drama to the spaces, especially if interstellar or floral designs are used for the ceiling. When all the five walls are covered with the same wall covering, it makes an impression of added space and height. You can always play around with colors and designs to create a striking contrast for the ceilings as per your choice.

May your walls be covered with the best this festive season and ever after!





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