5 Wall Painting Design Ideas to Cast a Spell

How about letting your walls do the talking? Of course, you get to talk too ?. It’s just that our thoughts are spoken a majority of times by our choices. The design of a wall can be an expression of your individuality. Choose your wall painting design,  favorite colors, patterns, and style that match your personality and that positively bear upon your mood. Who does not want to make the walls beautiful? Well, everyone wants it, including me and you! To fulfill that desire there are plenty of wall painting design ideas brought together for you in this blog.
wall painting design
wall painting design

5 Wall Painting Design ideas:

1. Wall painting ideas for bedroom A place where you live for the maximum times on any given day, where you unwind and relax after a busy day’s work, needs to be special and cozy. Now, to sync with your inherent nature, you must consider options that appeal to you the most. Turn your bedroom into the personalized space which you deserve. Go for wall painting bedroom ideas from the mildest to the boldest. Follow your heart. We would suggest neutral amoral mild shade and accessories present a shot of color for a calming and cozy bedroom. We recommend Buddha-large-wall-art from printmyspace. 
2. Wall painting in living room The place which welcomes you first when you come back home should have inviting tones, it is time to get your living room in enhancement mode! The living room is also the area where not only guests are made to settle, but also where you spend time with your family too. So living room wall painting has to be absorbing. Make it vibrant or gentle, exotic and unusual. If you are looking for wallpaper for your living room, here is a recommendation for a wallpaper idea for your living room this will get you exported to a picturesque location.  3. Wall paint designs using a stencil You can do it yourself or outsource it. The choice is yours. There are various designs of stencils available in the market to impart a unique design to your walls. The ease of work increases multiple times as you just have to take care of holding the stencil in the right place. The stunning end result leaves you mesmerized for sure! A good and easy substitute can be this gold lattice wallpaper. Have a look!
Gold lattice wallpaper
Gold lattice wallpaper
4. Wall paint designs texture Canvas painting ideas can also run in texture namely smooth, sand, knockdown, popcorn texture paint, orange peel texture paint, and many more we can think about from our own creativity. Simple wall paint designs are pretty easy to paint wall designs. One easy idea for interior wall painting. Wall paint design ideas with tape are a fun way to paint your own wall and enrich yourself from the experience of it. This can also be a great stress buster. Check this link why to Paint to bust the stress. 5. Easy canvas painting ideas Here are some wall painting decoration ideas which can be custom canvas painting Or ready to order. Check printmyspace for umpteen wall painting living room ideas.
  • Modern canvas painting wall art
Canvas painting is the oldest form of painting. Modern canvas is made of cotton or linen, earlier it was made of hemp and then is stretched over a wooden frame. Acrylic paint is the most common paint used in making a modern wall painting.
  • Digital prints
With the emergence of technology, the art of painting is evolving with each passing day and the most common way of now printing them is using eco-solvent inks on canvas. These are also called digital prints or Giclée. These are now much sharper than before. They can recreate the effect of being similar to a hand-painted canvas. Unless closely evaluated, these digital prints give the same feel and effect, including a brushed texture for paint colors. Since these are mass-produced, there is no limitation in terms of the design options as well as in the quantity, and are extremely cost-effective in comparison.  
  • Modern Warli painting
The Warli people are a tribal community that lives off the Megapolis of Mumbai and are known to shun modern comforts. The Warli art form is thought to be as old as the 10th century AD, though it only started getting noticed post the 1960s.  It is also known as Warli Folk painting.
  • Modern 3 D wall painting
Art is the most versatile medium of expression and can be experimented with a different medium even within a single frame. There are 3 D modern wall paintings that are capable of intensifying and beautifying the whole surrounding with its effect. You can use these wall designs to decorate your offices, bedrooms, living rooms, even kids’ bedrooms. It will charm anyone who sees it with its bold and captivating use of colors and designs.  There are many styles and techniques to decorate your home, but decorating it with a piece of art is the best. Bright modern wall paintings can bring joy and optimistic energy to your home. While there are many options and various views, you are free to choose your own. Explore and indulge! Wish you a beautiful wall painting design!