Aarti Thali Decoration In Navratri

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In Hindu culture, all religious occasions, festivals, traditions, and rituals have their unique importance. Some festivities require fasting while some have lavish family meals. Whatever be the occasion, there is one thing which is common to all Hindu festivals. And that is doing pooja to their favourite deity using a pooja thali. Thus, Aarti Thali Decoration In Navratri and to all Hindu festivals maintains an auspicious role during each pooja. Puja aarti thali or puja plate is a tray or large container on which the entire puja materials are accumulated and decorated. Puja aarti thali may be made of steel, gold, silver, brass or any other metal. Puja aarti thali may be rounded, oval or any other shaped or with little engravings and designs as much as decoration needed.

Pooja thali decoration is ideally a subject of arts and crafts. But ethnic style must be maintained by following the different rites performed. For example, for Diwali, the festival of lights, more than one diyas might be arranged along with other decoration items. For Rakhsha Bandhan, each puja aarti thali essentially has a rakhi and sweets for the loving brother.

Aarti thali decoration in Navratri

As you see, with each festival, the decoration of puja aarti thali, changes. So let us look at thali decoration ideas for the upcoming festival of beautiful Navratri. The Navratri aarti thali is used for the entire duration of the Navratri festival that is spread over 9 nights and 10 days. Navratri comes from a Sanskrit word which means ‘nine nights’. It is one of the most sacred festivals in Hinduism celebrated to worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga or Shakti, who represents the energy of the universe, in these 9 beautiful forms.

It is essential to decorate the Navratri aarti thali because the aarti thali decorations look pretty when placed on the puja table. Although the look is important here, the utility is much more essential. Your plate must be full of all the items needed to do the aarti. Such a well decorated and comprehensive puja aarti thali simply add glitters to the occasion and takes the occasion to a whole new level.

How to Decorate Pooja Thali for Navratri

Decorating each of the Navratri aarti thali is possible with the use of actual flowers, leaves, fruits, vegetables, pulses, pearls, chocolates, feathers or mirrors. The only concern is the space they occupy on the plate along with the other actual items used to perform the pooja. Here an easy solution is to decorate the base of the thali with the paint or decorative contact paper according to the theme of the day. This ensures that there is enough space on the puja aarti thali for all essential items to help you celebrate the beautiful Navratri.

You can also apply leftover wallpaper instead of contact paper on the base of the thali. Most wallpapers come with self-adhesive glue. All you need to do is cut it out in the desired shape of the puja aarti thali and stick it on it. The next day you can easily peel off this leftover wallpaper or contact paper and use a fresh one.

So here are quick refreshing ideas to adorn the base of the thali for each day of the festival.

Check these lovely wallpapers and contact papers that can be used for pooja thali decoration. Just explore how easy it is to replace the actual items for each of the daily themes of aarti thali decoration in Navratri. They give you quick lasting results enabling you to spend more time in devotion with the family.

Floral red Navratri aarti thali – You can use a red rose or hibiscus flower wallpaper or contact paper. If you would like to explore the traditional floral motifs then using a golden damask floral pattern on a red background is the ideal choice.

Divine betel leaves Navratri aarti thali – You can use dark green betel leaves wallpaper or contact paper. There are many options too with green palm leaves and dense forest foliage. They can be combined with the central floral theme along with leaves at the border for the aarti thali decoration.


[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]Fruit of life Navratri aarti thali – There are many wallpapers made specifically for kitchen use. They have a collection of colourful fruits for display. Just trim the outlines of your favourite fruit and stick it on the base of the thali.

Versatile vegetable Navratri aarti thali – There are many wallpapers made specifically for the kitchen use. They have a collection of colourful vegetables for display. Just trim the outlines of your favourite vegetable and stick it on the base of the thali.

Power-packed pulses Navratri aarti thali – There are many wallpapers made specifically for kitchen use. They have a collection of colourful pulses like toor dal, moong, etc. You just need to stick it on the base of the thali.

Pristine pearl Navratri aarti thali – You get to explore all the precious gems diamonds, rubies, and sapphire, not just pearls. This is one major advantage of these stick-on decorative papers. You can get the glitter minus the risks of the actual use of gemstones. These are the most popular choice for pooja thali decoration.

Children’s’ chocolate Navratri aarti thali – Well if you have kids at home and decorate the pooja thali with actual chocolates then you either face an empty plate or the tantrums of the young one. Why not choose decorative papers with the images instead? They make the puja aarti thali look tempting yet safe from pesky ants and bugs.

Durga puja Navratri aarti thali – As red colour is considered to be a favourite of the Goddess Durga, use bright red plain or textured contact paper for the base of the thali. You can place the idol of the Goddess Durga in the centre with diyas around.

Peacock feather Navratri aarti thali – Using peacock feathers is an attempt to please Lord Krishna too while performing the ritualistic pooja. However, it is difficult to get the actual feathers in urban settings. Hence using stick-on decorative contact paper with peacock feathers is a much better solution.

Sparkling self mirror Navratri aarti thali – Sticking mirrors can be risky if their edges are sharp. You can cover them with transparent contact paper to ensure your safety as well as fix them to the base of the thali.

Pooja thali decoration for Navratri

The puja thali is a small space which can be decorated in a lot of ways. You can use any of the above ideas or try something on your own. Get creative with the various options available in the market. Make your unique Puja thali this Navratri!

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