Absolute Guide to Choose Perfect Wallpaper for Home

Looking for a perfect wallpaper for home? The right choice, we say! The versatile and amazing collection of wall art at Print my Space will not only add beauty and style to your home but will make it a much more funky and dramatic space. But when options are endless, how should one go about which wallpaper to choose exactly. After all, it is a big, although extremely fun commitment. That’s where we come in as your knight in shining armor to provide a guide on how to choose the best wallpaper for the home so that your home grabs the attention of all the guests, all the while making you feel happy and fresh every day. 

Perfect Wallpaper
Perfect Wallpaper

Which Wallpaper Should I Buy?

Now, which perfect wallpaper to choose depends on your requirements, taste, preferences, your family, whether you have kids, and so on. Some basic tips can be adhered to when finalizing the wallpaper of your dreams that will look like a finished product in itself.

Select the Theme

The first step is to understand the kind of mood you want to create at your home. Do you want to add wallpaper to enhance the sophisticated atmosphere, or do you think your abode can do with a little glamour? Is it a casual place replete with flowers and plants, having a laid-back feel to it, or is it more of a modern space that can have an abstract or geometric wallpaper? If you are someone who likes simple, you can go for classical prints, or if you’re someone who likes to pay homage to old times, vintage wallpaper with retro prints will be a perfect wallpaper

Finalize the color

After selecting the theme and mood of your home, pay great attention to the color of the wallpaper. Do you want the wallpaper to blend with the rest of your home decor, or do you want it to stand out? In case you want to make a smooth shift, you can match the elements of your furnishings with that of the perfect wallpaper. If, however, you want it to instantly grab attention and completely alter the personality of the room, then you can choose wallpapers in bold colors such as deep red or can have a wallpaper with a striking print. 

Give Attention to all the Parts of your Home

Generally, perfect wallpaper in living rooms and foyers makes for the center of attention, but don’t limit yourself to it. You can also play around with a lot of different themes in different rooms of your home. If you have children, then their rooms can be decorated with fun and playful wallpaper in bright colors. For lovers of nature, a mural with plants, trees, and big leaves will keep them feeling lively and upbeat throughout the day, even if they can’t step outside into the actual greenery. For adults, ensure you put up wallpaper in the bedroom that fills up the room with calmness and coziness. Bold designs can be put up in foyers and hallways. 

Make your Small Room Look Spacious and Taller 

A large wall mural from our collection can work wonders for lovers of creativity and grandeur. If you have a small room that you want to give the appearance of being more spacious, wallpaper in small prints will lend space to it while elevating the overall look. It will make for a compelling visual and make it look bigger than it is. Similarly, if you want to make your ceilings look higher i.e., make the room look taller than it is, here also the print my space tends to be a miracle. The best bet would be perfect wallpaper in vertical lines running up and down on an accent wall of the room. 

Wallpaper for the Uneven Walls of your Home

Since perfect wallpaper is available in myriad hues and patterns, they each have their specific purpose in interior design. A common reason why wallpapers are used by people is to hide stain marks or uneven walls in their homes. In case that is a problem that you face too, then a textured wallpaper–in stone or wood look– or a 3D wallpaper is sure to add that extra dimension to your space while also covering up its flaws. Another important purpose that is solved when you buy wallpaper online keeping in mind the lighting in your home is that of the illusion of brighter spaces. When put in dark corners of the house, wallpapers in light shades make for a serene addition. 

Use Wallpapers as Space Dividers

For those who live in smaller spaces and want to make it look bigger, you can save costs by putting up perfect wallpaper instead of putting up space dividers in your home. A wallpaper performs the task of attracting attention to itself and, in this way, makes the space look separate from the other areas of the house. This makes the room look bigger! 

The beauty of a perfect wallpaper lies in the fact that you need to only choose the right wallpaper for you, and then everything else falls into place. It is also a fact that it is you who knows about your family, its requirements and taste. So who else can do better justice than you?