Adorn Your Walls With Multi-Custom Canvas Prints Online


Do you want to adorn the walls of your home or office to display your unique taste in art? You can easily do so with the Custom Canvas Prints Online art options available ranging from medieval to modern art. The visual imagery can capture your specific interest in nature, architecture or different forms of Gods and Goddesses. It is up to you how you would want to highlight your feature wall. However, the current trend which has been revived from the Renaissance period is the polyptych form of art.

A polyptych is a painting or any two-dimensional artwork made up of more than three panels. Polyptychs were the most popular choices of the print maker’s right from the 17th century. These multi-panel prints typically display one “central” or “main” panel. This central panel is usually the largest of the attachments, while the other panels are called “side” panels, or “wings”. Sometimes the panels are of almost the same size with the artwork uniformly divided into different panels to add extra oomph. Here the single composition stretches out over each of the canvases, creating one painting out of many smaller parts.

Depending on the number of panels the polyptychs are given specific names. The two-panel artworks are called diptychs and the ones with three panels are triptychs. A tetraptych or quadriptych has four panels and the pentaptych has five. A hexaptych has six; a heptaptych has seven while the octaptych has eight panels.

The multi-panel canvases concept ideally allows the seller to upsell from a single print to many more panels to the exact same buyer. It sure is a winning situation for the seller, but for the buyer, it is even better! Here is the reason why you must have polyptych or multi-panel canvases to adorn your walls instead of the single panel artwork.

The main reason multi-panel canvases have become popular is that it allows you to play around the unevenness of the walls, especially if there is any pillar or electrical point in between. Apart from being easy to transport and hang, the polyptych or multi-panel canvases add a spark of creativity in your room, capturing the eyeballs of all those who visit you.  The multi-panel presentation makes a dramatic, contemporary statement on the wall.

You can play around different time zones too with customized multi-panel canvases of your favorite place or person. For example, the epic Big Ben Tower of London can be shown in three panels as it appears when built in the late 1800s, the next in the 1900s and the last one with the present-day image.

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