Geometric wallpaper design

All that You Need to Know About Geometric Wallpaper Design

When it comes to geometric wallpaper design, the plethora of choices, often makes the decision tough. The bright side is, you do not have to keep your walls dull and boring! As far as getting an idea about the trending design is the need, here is curated information for you.  Geometric wallpaper is a blend of detailed patterns and shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, and triangles. The colors and the thought-about contrasts are good for balancing the effect and transforming the look and feel of the room perfectly. Before choosing a wallpaper, we need to know a great deal about what are the types of colors that are trending.

Have a look at this vintage geometric wallpaper designs

Have a look at this vintage geometric wallpaper design

Here is a guide to the Color Factor to choose the trending geometric wallpaper design:

The color factor 

This question in the mind of color geometric wallpaper is actually governed by your personal favorite. What’s trending these days are listed as below:

  • Geometric wallpaper teal: this bluish-green color is sure to spread the most energetic vibes in your living area. 
Geometric wallpaper teal

Geometric wallpaper teal

  • Geometric wallpaper orange
Geometric wallpaper orange

Geometric wallpaper orange

  • Geometric wallpaper red: Geometric wallpaper triangle
Geometric wallpaper red

Geometric wallpaper red

  • Geometric wall art DIY: DIY geometric wall art for wallpaper is probably a trend that would never go out of fashion, especially if it has the right flow of pattern and color appeal as in the image below!

Geometric wall art DIY

Move over boring whitewashed walls, explore trendy geometric wallpaper design that showcase beautiful symmetry in fresh shapes. If there is one wallpaper type that has endless possibilities, it is a geometrical wallpaper design. Whether you are someone whose home setup is a traditional one or someone whose abode exudes the modern, futuristic vibe, our extensive range of Self Adhesive wallpaper in different designs is bound to enamor your senses.

Geometric wallpaper designs are not limited to abstract prints, neutral hues, and patterns in geometric shapes. There are so many options available when it comes to choosing your favorite geometric print Peel stick wallpaper for your home.

Textured and minimalistic, a dimensional wallpaper is in equal parts modern, chic and youthful. Especially for those who have contemporary spaces, geometric wallpaper is a gift that uplifts the space even more. 

There are so many ways and places in which a geometrical wallpaper can be incorporated. You can envelop your entire house from the floor to the ceiling in geometric wallpaper design for making a pretty bold statement, or put it up on a feature wall in the living room. Either way, you can rest assured that the art deco wallpaper will be the focal point of your house. One thing to note is to keep the furniture of the house as well as the other decor simple and minimal. If overdone, the space can end up looking overwhelming and cluttered. Hence, make minimalism your friend and choose from our geometric wallpaper in different colors to enliven your home. 

If you are planning to put the geometric wallpaper in the kids’ room, Peel stick wallpapers in soft colors can be chosen to give the room a young finish. Geo prints such as the hexagonal wallpaper or the triangle wallpaper are timeless classics and best for those who have a small space and want to spice it up a bit. 

Why leave the office behind? Actually, that’s the place that most deserves a bit of livening up. A retro wallpaper proves to be just the right amount of dramatic and helps in adding more dimensions to your office space. No matter what kind of mood you want to set for the room, a geometric wallpaper roll sets the mood so elegantly and efficiently. They help create intrigue in the onlooker and bring the freshness of life to a space. For striking visual appeal, our hexagonal wallpaper in different hues would look gorgeous. 

The versatility offered by the triangle wallpaper is unmatched. It helps create a sense of order at home. They can make the place look timeless and clean. Be it designs of art deco wallpaper in fine lines or abstract shapes of triangles and hexagons, they all add a soothing touch without making you go overboard with the decor. Neutral colors are the best bet when it comes to having a rhythm and subtlety around your house. The symmetrical shapes would make for a unique and novel sighting. 

You can even go for bolder prints. These Self Adhesive wallpapers in bright colors are wonderful when it comes to adding energy to your home. They draw attention to the space and add an element of fun and childish play while creating an impactful impression. 

Available in prints of geometric patterns, lines, circles, and in different colors such as beige, gray, black, and white as well as blue, pink, yellow, green, the choices are immense. Whether you go for monochromatic shades or rich, vibrant ones, one thing that is for sure is that vintage wallpaper adds a beautiful hint of modernity and cheer to the space. A Peel stick wallpaper in geometric prints is ideal for those who love sophistication and chicness. 

Hence, there is no one particular place that deserves the magic of a mural. Be it a relaxing bedroom or a sophisticated living room or a vintage foyer, the patterns on a geometrical wallpaper add an allure that is both visually appealing and timeless. All in all, it makes for a unique and interesting backdrop for your everyday activities. 

It doesn’t take much to style a geometric mural. Just remember to let your creative juices flow, have fun and let the design you pick accentuate your personal style. The most important is to not think a lot. Sometimes, simple is the best! 



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