Diwali Decoration Ideas For Homes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Diwali is the most popular Hindu festival. It is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. People clean their homes each year before the festivities begin. Most people end up with entire home renovations while others prefer to decorate their old space giving it a bright, cheerful new look for Diwali. Which category do you belong to? You can create a beautiful ambience at home with the most amazing and unique Diwali decoration ideas for homes shared here.

In either case, you need to decorate your home to celebrate Diwali. Diwali is your opportunity to please Goddess Lakshmi and receive her blessings for wealth and prosperity. A clean home decorated with flowers and lights delight the Goddess and prompt her to visit your home and bestow her blessings.

Many people have their styles of decorating the home during Diwali. This includes the diyas and traditional rangoli. These Diwali decoration ideas for the home have been passed down through generations in every Indian family. However, you can start your new trend this Diwali.

Diwali decoration tips and ideas for home

In this blog, we will cover the three most important items needed for home decor – lights, flowers, and paper. You certainly can use many more items, but the impact these three have is maximum on the family and friends who visit you. Yes not to forget the delicious delicacies you make for Diwali, which have even a larger impact on the guests! Just like your sweets and savouries, the Diwali decorations are also an integral part of Diwali celebrations.

Diwali is fondly called as the festival of lights. Hence ample lights and light decorations are seen during this time. You can use the traditional diyas or any of the more convenient options of floating candles, led lights, or string lights.

No Hindu festival or puja ever gets completed without flowers. Goddess Lakshmi is offered the pink lotus flowers as she likes them the most. But for Diwali decoration ideas for homes are the fragrance of marigold flowers in the form of torans hanging at the door.

Last but not least is the use of paper to make lanterns and other decorative pieces for Diwali. Decorative contact paper can give a new look to most of the furniture and appliances used at home. The quick and trendy use of wallpaper also gives your home a completely new look for the festival. You would be simply blown away by how these three elements can completely change the look of your home.

Here’s how you can combine all these three in your Diwali decoration ideas for home.

Diwali decoration ideas for home – wallpaper

To begin with the decorations you must focus on the most important place of your home which gets your attention during Diwali. It is the puja room found in most Indian homes. In the case of small urban homes, it is usually a makeshift area found in the living room. As most of the rites and rituals happen in this space, you must decorate it the best.

You can enhance its look by giving it a glamorous background. Ornate floral patterned wallpapers can be used for this purpose. You can use them for all your walls or just create a feature wall behind the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha as seen in one of these Diwali decoration ideas for home images.

This kind of ornate floral wallpaper adds a glitter element which adds to the bright lights all around. Also, the traditional floral patterns seem pleasant to the eyes even after the festivals. Red is the chosen colour of the deity hence you can opt for red floral designs that are used here or go for bold red roses too. But if you are fond of the lighter pastel-shaded floral wallpaper, then just make sure to decorate the foreground with bright reds for Diwali. There are innumerable varieties of such floral wallpapers on online stores like Print MySpace.

Diwali decoration ideas homes – wall paintings

You can also create your serene Pooja room area with the paintings of the Gods and Goddess for this Diwali. You can easily get Devotional wall art panels and paintings to adorn your space and give it the much needed spiritual touch. Most of these wall paintings depict the deities in a more modern and abstract style. It creates a great visual appeal when combined with the traditional idol and puja decoration as seen in one of the Diwali home decoration ideas photos.

The use of Devotional wall art panels and paintings is much more in trend these days as you can enjoy the blessings of the God and Goddess even after the festivals are over. Also, you get to choose from Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha, Radha Krishna, and even Buddha too. You can order the painting you like the most to brighten your Diwali from online stores like Print MySpace.

Diwali decoration ideas for home with lights – Living Room

Apart from the puja room, the living room is the second most decorated place during Diwali. You can welcome all your guests for Diwali to an innovatively lit space. You can make temporary decorative pieces using common items found at home like this sparklingly lit counter table. Here you can find the charm of simple string lights when put in a pot of dried branch. You just need to add decorated plates of dry fruits and chocolates alongside the pot to mesmerize your guests while they binge on the tasty Diwali snacks.

As you can see in one of these Diwali home decoration ideas photos, the background wall has its impact too. It has a golden ogee damask wallpaper design. This tradition print adds a touch of royalty with is rich hue as well as vibrancy with its interlaced floral design. This home wallpaper is the perfect amalgamation of the rich gold colour and big bold ornate pattern which adds value to your living space.

This home wallpaper is ideal for smaller living spaces with its clear white background and equally suitable for larger rooms with its huge bold motif. There are innumerable varieties of such ornate floral damask wallpapers on online stores like Print MySpace.

If you are looking to makeover, all the living room walls then you can buy in bulk from their wallpaper rolls collection. For more Damask wallpapers rolls, check the online stores like Print MySpace.

Diwali light decoration home ideas – Bedroom

You can lighten up the bedroom too during the Diwali festival. The easiest ways to incorporate Diwali lights here is to wrap them around your headboard and plug them in. This makes for romantic, ambient lighting, and it can be used as a reading light too post the festive season.

As you can see in one of these Diwali decoration ideas for home images, the background wall has its impact. Nature merges with glamour in this high-end wallpaper. It has tree twigs design that climbs up the wall with a combination of leaves and flowers. It is the ideal wallpaper for the home wall to make the rooms look taller. There are innumerable varieties of such floral wallpapers on online stores like Print MySpace.

Diwali lighting decoration ideas for home – Workspace

Many people have their workplace, library or study area at home. This is the place where you spend most of your creative time so why not decorate it too for Diwali? You certainly need to celebrate Diwali cheer while working at home. Diwali decoration ideas homes with workspace are even more creative. A small string of dim fairy lights at your desk highlighting your favourite pictures can do the trick. This can brighten up your days even after Diwali.

As you can see in one of these Diwali home decoration ideas photos, the background wall has its impact too. The brick wallpaper gives the workspace the rigid look and feel, while the white framed photographs add the much needed soft warmer feel. You can buy this brick wallpaper from online stores like Print MySpace.

If you prefer to buy in bulk then the wallpaper rolls with the brick design having an added maple leaf element is a good option. You can get it from online stores like Print MySpace.

Home decoration ideas in Diwali – window blinds and door stickers

When it comes to using home decor products, you can experiment with a lot more than just wallpapers and paintings. Yes, window blinds and door stickers are most sought out during Diwali. Doors and windows show up signs of wear and tear must faster than the remaining part of the house. You may not require a complete home renovation yet would find the eyesore with tattered doors and windows. The quickest way to fix them is to use the wood finish window blinds and door stickers available on online stores like Print MySpace. As seen in one of the Diwali home decoration ideas photos the umber wood colour accentuates the yellow colour of the marigold flowers used for door decoration.

Diwali decoration ideas for home with flowers

This brings us to the flower decoration ideas for Diwali. The flowers are used to not just decorate the door but also the entire house. According to the Mahabharata quote – Flowers please the mind and grant prosperity. Hence, men with righteous deeds bestowed the name Sumana on them. Find your inner peace during Diwali using these aromatic and fragrant flowers.

Using flower torans for the doors is a common Diwali ritual. As seen before mostly yellow marigold flowers are used for Diwali door torans. They are considered auspicious to welcome wealth and prosperity. Flowers can adorn your puja thali and puja room too. You can make rangoli designs with flowers in the puja room. A small flower rangoli with spiritual symbols such as the “Swastika” or “Om” add an artistic touch to your Puja room. You can also make the regular round flower rangoli, using the petals of different flowers and diyas too. One of these Diwali decoration ideas for home images is shared below.

Another interesting way of using flower petals is to make artistic floating candles display. All you need for this is a huge bowl full of water. You can then put fruit peels or plastic flower decorative pieces in the water to support the candle weight. This can be used in puja rooms or even at the entrance of the door to welcome the guests.

As seen in the Diwali home decoration ideas photos above, the base wooden plank gives it an added decorative look. It gives a solid background for the flower rangoli as well as the floating candles. You can easily give any plastic board this wooden effect with the leftover wood wallpaper. Browse here for all such wood wallpapers from online stores like Print MySpace.


[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]Diwali decoration ideas for home with paper

After flowers and lights, we come to the third most important element used during Diwali decoration ideas for home. That is the colourful decorative paper. Markets are full of paper flowers and Diwali lanterns. Paper is the most versatile item used for Diwali decoration ideas homes. Children enjoy making decorative pieces out of paper, as they are usually taught in art class in most of the Indian schools. You can buy the traditional paper lantern from the markets or try your hand at a few novel options to light up your Diwali.

Diwali decoration ideas for home handmade

The easiest way to decorate your home walls is by using leftover paper cups. All you need is decorative paper, glue and a pair of scissors. Team up the paper cups with your string lights to create a show-stopping arrangement.

As you can see in one of these Diwali decoration ideas for home images, the paper cups are decorated in contrast to the wallpaper colour. The colour, texture, and designs of the background wallpaper are equally important in all such paper cup string lights decoration. Intricate designs on paper cups look attractive if your wallpaper has a plain single colour. And if you have the wallpaper full of designs then use plain colours to decorate the paper cups.

If you are looking for a complete makeover of your walls before the Diwali season then buy from the many options of wallpaper available at the online stores like Print MySpace.

Diwali home decoration ideas handmade – contact paper

Apart from paper cups, you can also use the tins of food items, to make Diwali lights. Wrap the tins in colourful contact paper. You can create a wall hanging bypassing a bit of string through the tops of the tins. Then put a candle in each tin to spark up the plain placid walls as seen in one of these Diwali decoration ideas for home images.

You can also use contact paper to cover old glass jars and give them a completely new look, as seen in the Diwali home decoration ideas photos. These colourful glass jars have added adornment of silver embossed decorative paper. The radiant colourful light emitting from the candles within can awe your guests.

Contact paper is the most amazing decorative paper which easily sticks to any desired surface with minimal effort. Aside from spray paint, contact paper is perhaps the easiest available and the most cost-effective way to transform just about anything in your space for this Diwali. You can easily buy one from the many options available at the online stores like Print MySpace.

Diwali decoration ideas for home in Hindi

According to the Hindu religion, the Diwali decorations are your way of expressing your joy and happiness. This blog has shared with you the most novel ideas to decorate your homes using flowers, paper, and lights with a unique twist. There are many more ideas which you can try apart from the ones mentioned here. Many a time, an idea just pops up in your head once you find the right decorative material. If you are the one who wants to explore your creative side then do check the plethora of home decor options available at online stores like Print MySpace.

They have it all. You can buy colourful wall art paintings and panels with Devotional themes to adorn your home walls and create a special puja area for Diwali. Or you can do a complete home renovation with stunning wallpaper designs for a delightful Diwali decor. Mix and match with contrasting window blinds and door stickers without the added effort of hiring a contractor. You also get the versatile contact papers here which can be used to decorate all the smaller items used during Diwali, like the lights and lanterns, puja thali and much more![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]