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Diwali Decoration Ideas For Office | Print My Space

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Office

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Diwali is the festival of lights and celebrated with much pomp and joy in every Hindu home and workplace. The trend to celebrate Diwali in corporate offices is soon catching up since it helps build camaraderie and loyalty. Diwali Decoration Ideas For Office enables all employees to participate in the celebration irrespective of function.

Quite a few organizations augment these festivities with competitions, games and even theme lunches to further enhance the bond between employees and foster a strong work culture. What can be better than having happy employees with a strong sense of belonging and loyalty that celebrating festivals can help create?

During Diwali celebrations, offices are decorated right from the entrance to every personal cubicle. There is no dearth of Diwali decoration ideas to make every nook and corner of your office look spanking beautiful. In this blog, we discuss all DIY Diwali decoration ideas right from the little diyas and bright flowers to a complete revamp of the office space.

Diwali Decoration Items for Office

The office entrance is one that helps create the most visible and prominent impression. Hence it is vital to decorate it the best during Diwali. You can use diyas, lanterns, string lights, tea light or fairy lights to illuminate this area and transform it using a riot of colours. Diwali decoration ideas can be innovative, quirky, traditional or vibrant so that the employees enter the office in a good festive mood.

The use of fresh flowers at the entrance can add not just colour but also help uplift the mood in general, putting everyone directly in the festive mode. You can never go wrong with flowers. Use them as garlands to adorn the doorway, or use them in creative rangoli designs, or simply put up floral vases or simply float them on the water in bowls with tea lights to create an amazing visual riot and to welcome the employees.

Diwali Decoration Items List for Office

What’s more, it does not cost much or take a lot of time to create unique Diwali office decoration themes. All you need is the desire to spruce up the office space to give it a festive look. If your team is working on a budget, you can get pretty innovative in your choice of Diwali decoration items for office with the use of recycled paper cups, plastic bottles and candles and lights to light up your Diwali.

You can also use popular decoration items, like colourful ribbons, streamers, or balloons. You can get creative with paper to make paper rosettes and lanterns. You can also make paper cut-outs with innovative messages too.

But if you have a slightly higher budget to decorate the workplace, then do check a few more inspiring ideas. These should be planned though, to help you celebrate the festive spirit in the office. You and your employees certainly deserve this novel office; after all, it is where you spend more than half your daytime.

Diwali office decoration – Laxmi Wall paintings

Diwali is the right time to seek the blessings of the Goddess of wealth – Laxmi. As per legend, Diwali commemorates the return of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu to the Kingdom of Ayodhya. The Goddess Laxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and it is widely believed that only if she is worshipped first, do the prayers reach Lord Vishnu. It is also believed that the Goddess Laxmi was born on the Lakshmi Puja day of Diwali and got married to Lord Vishnu on this day too. Hence Laxmi is worshipped the most during Diwali.

You would be surprised to know that the origin for the name of the Goddess is the Sanskrit word “Lakshmi” which means “goal” and hence she is also worshipped for the achievement of one’s goals and ambitions.

An office is the seat of your business that makes it possible to achieve all your financial goals. It is also a widespread practice for all traditional businesses to worship the Goddess on Lakshmi Puja day as it also marks the beginning of the new Hindu financial year. Gifting your employees Laxmi wall paintings is auspicious and so is the practice of having her presence in the place of business.

Most modern-day offices do not have dedicated Puja rooms and most employees also tend to have devotional wall paintings in their cubicles. The gift option can work both ways – employees can either choose to take these attractive wall paintings home post celebrations in office or continue to keep them at the workplace.

Diwali decoration in office – Ganesha Wall art

Lord Ganesha is the most loved Hindu God and according to tradition, Hindus worship him first even if they are offering prayers to other deities. Ganesha is also the “Vighnaharta” or the “remover of obstacles” and the adopted son of Goddess Laxmi. He is also the adopted son of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess for learning and the arts. As per mythology, Ganesha is thus bestowed with powers to bless his devotees with wealth and learning. So it makes sense to get a painting of Ganesha along with that of Goddess Lakshmi. Most households tend to have an image of Ganesha and his adoptive mothers Laxmi and Saraswati in the same frame and are the most popular image worshipped on Diwali.

Gain his immense approval for all that you do with Ganesha painting for your office walls. You can choose from a plethora of options available at Print MySpace online store. Go for the traditional Ganesha painting or the modern abstract depictions.

Diwali decoration ideas for office – Opulent themes

Once you have pleased the deities, it is time to please your senses with a glamorous touch to office walls. Rich metallic shades of gold and silver inspire you towards opulence. They are ideal to sparkle up the office space when used in moderation. What better way to accomplish it, than the glittery wallpaper? Wallcoverings are a hassle-free solution giving a revived look to the walls, diffusing positivity and confidence in your surroundings.

You can order this wallpaper of golden leaf motif on a dark grey background and enhance the decor of your office walls. The simple leaf shapes attract the eye while the plain background creates the necessary contrast.If you would like to get bolder and experiment with more glitter, then opt for the royal damask or ogee designs. Grab this golden ogee floral wallpaper design to adorn your office walls. This traditional vintage print adds a touch of royalty with its rich hue as well as vibrancy with an opulent damask pattern.

If you like to avoid bright colours then the glitter is available in lighter shades too. This 3D golden leaf motif on an eggshell white background is perfect to enhance the decor of your office walls.

Creative ideas for Diwali decoration in office – Nature

You can bring a bit of nature amidst your workspace this Diwali. All you need is nature-based murals, paintings, or wallpapers. They can have the pristine beaches, tall mountains, rustic deserts, or dense jungles with waterfalls. Just combine them with a few indoor plants and get the perfect relaxing ambience at work.

You can custom print your favourite holiday destination to motivate you to work harder while looking forward to a quick holiday as soon as you reach your target. There are innumerable possibilities with nature-based Diwali decoration ideas for office.



Diwali Office Decoration Themes

Let us explore a few nature-based Diwali decoration ideas for office. Each of them has a significant impact on the psychology of the employees. This is also the time when people are at their conscious best to spruce up their surroundings and the time to revamp furnishings. The use of the right colours or themes inspired by nature has been supported by research studies to have a profound impact on psychology and productivity.

Here are a few themes inspired by elements and nature.


The sky is the limit when you are aiming high. So it makes sense to get wall decor which depicts the clear blue sky. Just glancing at it, puts all your ideas into perspective, which need to be implemented with lighting speed. A sky milieu is a simple yet non-controversial colour that is one of the most preferred colours too, to soothe nerves and induce calm.Consider this beautiful wallpaper with a clear sky and beautiful blue butterflies from Print MySpace.


Water is symbolic of wealth. Having paintings of water on the north walls of office is extremely conducive to raise your financial wellbeing. Diwali and Lakshmi Puja are the right times to ensure the presence of such water wallpaper or painting.This wallpaper has just the right colour tones and vibes to make a north side feature wall for your office.


To get a glimpse of nature within your office walls, get floral wallpapers with huge motifs. Visuals are very powerful mental stimuli and those related to nature more so. Consider this chinoiserie wallpaper with large floral motifs and birds that conjure vivid imagery and have the right colours to ensure a vibrant and productive work environment.

Diwali Decor for Office – Blinds

No decor is complete without door stickers and window blinds. They help you to set the space according to the theme of the room. You can choose a contrasting theme for them too with a slight variation. For example, all the nature themes can be complemented with wooden door stickers and window blinds. You can choose from a wide variety of options available at Print MySpace online store and let your creativity run amok.


Cubicle decoration themes in office for Diwali

Now that we have checked all the major Diwali decoration ideas, it is time to check the smaller cubicle decoration ideas for your office Diwali. You can carry over the nature theme to your cubicle too. Getting a small flower vase can easily compliment them. If space permits, you can have a flowing water showpiece, on your desk too.

Diwali theme decoration office cubicle

To create a diverse Diwali theme for your cubicle, use colourful embroidered cushions for your desk and chair. You can stick on colourful decorative scratchproof contact paper with myriad designs or your photographs on the office table.

Choose a glamorous look with a pristine white marble contact paper with gold streaks in it. It is the most versatile paper. It can be used to create an opulent feel on otherwise mundane grey coloured cubicle partitions.Conversely, if you want to create a striking contrast with darker colours, then opt for this Titanium Marble Contact Paper in with very pronounced golden veins. This sticky paper has a smooth marble finish. Use this marble DIY paper in creative ways to cover all items in the personal and professional space of your cubicle.

Bay decoration themes in office for Diwali

Just like your cubicle, you can decorate the bay area in the same theme for the Diwali celebrations. Bay decoration ideas in office for Diwali can slightly differ with each team. You can implement many more Ideas for bay decoration competition corporate offices for Diwali too.

Now you see how simple decorative papers, wallpaper rolls, wall art paintings, panels, posters as well as customised blinds and door sticker options can completely transform your Diwali decoration ideas for office. Their easy to peel liner and adhesive material allows for repositioning during decoration. Simply cut to shape for a custom application depending on your requirement to add life to your Diwali decoration ideas.

You can now choose from any of their home decor items with extremely affordable prices that include doorstep delivery. Wait no more to get the get a completely new look for your office this Diwali. Let the glimmer of Diwali give a new life to all your hopes and aspirations![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]