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Diwali House Decoration Ideas | Lights Decoration | Print My Space

Diwali House Decoration Ideas

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Candlelights, oil lamps, the smell of delightful sweets filling up the home, the warmth of family & friends, and the chill of the upcoming winter season, these are a few things that show that the festival of lights is here! Traditionally, Diwali is celebrated on the third day of the festival, and in 2019, it falls on October 27th. People celebrate Diwali across India with great excitement and grandeur. People usually wear new clothes on the night of Diwali, share gifts, and make merry. But Diwali House Decoration Ideas can also make your festival peaceful, check the best house decoration ideas.

How to decorate the house during Diwali

Diwali is a time for cleaning, rearranging and ushering in the new into your home. It is the time of the year for decorating your house to add to the cheer and excitaement. Be it in the form of light decorations or changing the home décor, there are umpteen decoration ideas to try before Diwali and put in the few extra touches along with cooking exotic dishes.

A new interior look can immensely help to set people in the festive mood, especially during this time of the year when friends and family sit in your living room where you’re hosting a family dinner, cards party or a full-fledged Diwali party!

If your busy schedule hasn’t allowed you to work on decoration ideas, here are some simple and quick last minute Diwali home décor ideas that save the day, and bring everyone together with the preparation that goes into making these beautiful ideas successful to enhance the beauty of your home!

How to decorate the house for Diwali

Lord Ganesha is known as the God who removes all obstacles from His worshippers’ lives. Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, He is worshipped with great fervour in most parts of the country because He is the God of wisdom and auspiciousness. And on the grand day of Diwali festival, people want His blessings to shower on them so that they may too inherit some of His intelligence in their lives.

This canvas print home décor piece of Lord Ganesha displays the yellow trunked Ganesha Vamamukhi murti, with shlokas inscribed on the side. If not for your living room, this custom canvas print can make the best gifting item!

It will bring positivity and light to your home. The bright colours in the art panel of this very loveable God will not only change the look of your house but also make you feel positive from inside.

Decorated house in Diwali

No celebration is complete without invoking Lord Ganesha, and Diwali is no exception! Lord Ganesha is considered to be the God of wisdom, intelligence, success and prosperity. While Goddess Lakshmi gives wealth, it is nothing without prosperity. Just like money is nothing without the wisdom to use it properly. All the material gains in the world are temporary without intelligence.

This canvas print displays grey trunked Ganesha profile, wearing a red dhoti with shlokas inscribed on the side. With string lights appropriately positioned around the artwork, it can add a fabulous designing element in decorating your living room, and be a part of your home décor!

House decoration Diwali

Did you know that Buddhists celebrate Diwali with as much happiness as Hindus? The reason is that Diwali is when Emperor Ashoka was converted to Buddhism. Buddhist community, therefore, celebrates this festival of lights as the Ashok Vijayadashami. They celebrate Diwali by chanting the mantras as well as remembering the teachings of Emperor Ashoka.

This canvas art displays Buddha resting in blue robes with pink lotus flowers in the front. The bright colours of blue and green with leaf designs on it enhance the beauty of the piece perfectly! You can put this art panel in a corner of your house where you can sit in calm for a little while to meditate.

How to decorate my house for Diwali

Diwali means a row of lights. It is so because, on this day, oil lamps were first lit by the people of Ayodhya (the hometown of God Rama) to welcome their King, Rama, after defeating Ravana. It is in the honour of Rama’s victory and his homecoming after a long exile of 14 years that Diwali is celebrated. People light oil lamps in the corners of the house, put string lights, distribute sweets to celebrate Diwali. The occasion is celebrated with great fun.

In this wall art, Rama is shown along with Sita, his consort. Also shown are Hanuman and Rama’s brothers. Rama is considered to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, while Sita is considered to be the avatar of the Goddess Lakshmi. Get the blessings of Rama-darbar by putting this artwork in your home this Diwali!

Decoration of house on Diwali

Diwali decoration is never complete without a proper make-over of your home décor, especially the living room. This is because a living room is the first place your guests will set foot in. Decorating the house will be super easy once you put up on your walls this wallpaper design that displays pretty pink roses on the top with green leaves arranged in a hanging garden style.

No longer do you have to worry about the empty spaces in the corners of your house that look dreary and lifeless. These wallpaper rolls will bring a soft, sweet life to such spaces. The dainty pink roses on the wallpaper make for such beautiful additions to your Diwali decoration. You can even hang string lights like a curtain over the wall art to make it look more festive, warm and welcoming.

House decoration ideas for Diwali

Talking about Diwali and skipping past Rangoli? Not allowed! Rangolis are a great way of decorating the house, and to bring good luck to your family. And while it would have been amazing if all of us knew how to make a beautiful rangoli, the reality isn’t like that! This Tribal art multi-colour wall sticker is a perfect idea for Diwali decoration. The Rangoli pattern is sure to give a beautiful touch of uniqueness and quirk to your Diwali home décor! The Warli painting in white will turn heads at the Diwali party that you host in your living room.

How to decorate the house for Diwali with flowers

Festivals in India can never be complete without the presence of flowers. From Rose to Louts, different Gods and Goddesses are presented with different flowers to please them. While fresh flowers never lose their charm, they die within a few days. Hence, this floral art panel might work wonders in helping bring freshness to your home this Diwali! Decorating the house couldn’t have been easier than hanging this classic canvas art print on your living room wall. It will bring peace and tranquillity, and add to the beauty of the festival of lights.


[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]Decorated house in Diwali

Paintings and decorative mirrors are an easy option for filling up wall spaces and to make corners of the house appealing. Thus, this high quality, durable framed and unframed canvas of Lord Balaji is a must-have as part of your Diwali decoration!

Lord Balaji, also known as Venkateshwara, is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Lord is worshipped throughout the country this time of the year. If you need ideas for Diwali to make your home more spiritual, this should be your go-to item!

Pictures Diwali decoration houses

exceptionally clean. To enhance your prayer room’s aesthetic, this canvas vinyl art print can be hung on the prayer room wall. The wall art will be like receiving blessings from the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak, who is the founder of the Sikh religion, along with Guru Gobind and the 8 Sikh Gurus. Diwali House Decoration Ideas can help you to make your festival more peaceful.

The ten Gurus established Sikhism in the Indian subcontinent. When he left the human form, Guru Gobind decreed the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy text that contained all the spiritual teachings, as the eternal Guru for Sikhs. The Sikh community celebrates Diwali as the day on which Guru Hargobind Ji, the Sixth Sikh Guru in Sikhism, was freed from imprisonment. It is on Diwali that all Sikhs gather to receive the Guru’s blessings.

How to decorate the house with lights for Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights. While oil lamps are what come to mind when one thinks of Diwali, some people are cautious about using them inside the house, especially if they have kids in their house. Diwali decoration also means lots and lots of string lights. Once your Diwali lights are up, you don’t need to use the regular lights at home. The string lights give off enough light to the whole room!

While we agree that Diwali is incomplete without a decked up house that appears warm and welcoming to one and all, and for Diwali being the time of the year when one revamps the house to make it festive and full of positivity, there are many other ways in which you can decorate the house. One way to add beauty to string lights is to drape them around curtains and blinds. Hang string lights behind your blinds and watch your room transform into a fairyland! Draping lights around the windows makes the fabric twinkle, and the soft glow is mesmerizing.

Diwali decoration items house

Preparing the pooja room is the most important part of anticipating the festival of lights. You can give your Pooja area a new and fresh look this Diwali by adding contemporary lights and wall stickers. Some fresh flowers and oil lamps for the pooja room are of course essential! However, one doesn’t need to limit their home décor ideas for Diwali to their prayer room.

If you have more paintings and murals in bright colours, hang them on every wall in your house to make every room more colourful. You can even paint traditional motifs and designs on your walls to add vibrancy and colour to your home this Diwali. This is where this beautiful Radha Krishna painting comes into the picture!

The second day of the five day Diwali celebrations is known as Naraka Chaturdasi in south India or Choti Diwali (Little Diwali) in north India. Lord Krishna is worshipped on Diwali because He is believed to have destroyed the demon Narakasura and freeing16,000 captive princesses on this day. On the fourth day, Govardhan Puja is celebrated in north India to commemorate Lord Krishna’s defeat of Indra, the rain god. This wall art would look particularly beautiful at the entrance of your house.

While you might not think much about your home décor on the Non-Diwali Days because of work commitments, travelling and everyday chores, this time of the year demands your attention! Diwali decoration should be done with all the pomp and show. While everyone remembers to shop for oil lamps and candles and string lights to adorn the corners of their home, they often don’t think beyond that. Decorating the house should also mean decorating the walls with festive prints and paintings!

Diwali decoration ideas are many, but you should choose the one that reminds you of the sound of laughter, the sweet aroma of ladoos, and the cheer and excitement of little kids. The corners of the house should remind you of the sparkle in the eyes of your siblings and parents, and all the close ones. There are numerous ways to make Diwali special and memorable, choose what works best for you! Ultimately, the festival is about memories; create great ones.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]