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Handmade Canvas or Custom Canvas Prints?

Here is a perfect read for Your Home Decor Agenda! There are many secret benefits of hanging handmade custom canvas prints and custom prints on canvas on your home walls. Decorating your wall with a large canvas will always be accompanied by a wave of happiness, where it will be an extension of your feeling towards the painting and your creative DIY skills of hanging it. Each painting has its own design, expression, and story. Every piece will give its own benefit to your home’s look. Apart from the usual benefit of looking pretty, these paintings have a lot more to them in their own ways, which you will get to know once you decide on welcoming any of these visual masterpieces inside your home.

Custom canvas prints

Custom canvas prints

How Are Handmade Custom Canvas Prints made?

Handmade canvas paintings are made by applying paint, pigment, color or other mediums on a canvas applied on it with a brush, but other things such as sponges, pens, knives, or airbrushes are also used.

Handmade Canvas Paintings for Your Home

A very important benefit of not just hanging handmade paintings, but also purchasing them, is your contribution to the continuation of local artists. You can enable the artists to further their creative craft.

You can go for darker handmade paintings which emit emotion in the surroundings. Other times you can go for the original acrylic ones. Here is an interesting link on the origin of custom canvas prints.

Keeping large handmade custom prints on canvas has also proven to subconsciously drive away anxieties, depression, and other compulsive disorders. Having a serene image of beauty around your surroundings at home not only distracts you from a negative headspace but can also be a driving force for triggering happy memories. Colors need to be chosen wisely as canvas colors play a great role in our psychology.

Effective Ways to Protect your Handmade Canvas at Home

1. Use only Primed Canvas: Get a pre-primed canvas or use gesso to prime it.

2. Apply Isolation Coat: Once the painting is finished, apply 1-3 layers of isolation coat. If you’re buying it from somewhere else, make sure the artist or the seller has done the procedure.

3. Protective Finish: Use a good varnish on it from time to time. 

4. Cover it with a glass or plastic sheet and frame: Sheets are lighter and less fragile

Custom Canvas Prints and its Benefits

The most important part of the canvas painting for wall Printing process is to get your photo touch-up. If your photo is as much as a half-inch off-center, the photo will not look good as a finished print.

Waves Canvas Print

Waves Canvas Print

You will have to ensure that you like the look of colors of the custom canvas prints that will be printed and not just only the colors on your laptop screen. Professionally, six different inks are used to actually match your photo’s original colors. After printing, you will have to go through the process of cutting and stretching. Kiln-dried wood is used to ensure that the canvas won’t warp two decades down the line.  Also, never use glue. It loses its usefulness in extreme climatic conditions, which is why staples and brads are used to prepare the wooden frame.  You will need to align the canvas perfectly with the frame and staple it on the frame. If you mess this up, the stretch could be uneven and the corners could be bunched.  Canvas prints look incredibly good in any given setting. If you get one of these for yourself, you have a sure-shot way to show off your photography because it will be a centerpiece in any room of your home or garage, or any other setting. Coming straight to the point of cherishing your special memories? Sounds amazing.

Elephant Canvas Painting

Elephant Canvas Painting

Let’s get to the practical benefits of putting up a customized painting in your home’s cozy walls.

1. Gives a professional appearance

It doesn’t have a high gloss. Every color and line of the canvas will come out in a different way. These paintings make your house a lot homely and if the selection of photos and size is proportionate, it will give a wonderful look to your surroundings. 

2. Cost-Effective 

One of the most practical benefits of these paintings is their affordability. 

3. No Humidity

You can go for hard and humidity-resistant materials when going for printing. Just make sure the photo doesn’t lose its originality while printing, and you’re all set. This handmade canvas painting can also replace photo frames. Your walls become life-like when your life-size canvas is hung on them. Collage photos on canvas are also a good decor idea for your home.

Custom Large canvas print

Custom Large canvas print

In conclusion, whichever painting you’d purchase for your home decor, be it custom canvas prints or an original handmade canvas painting, it is given that canvas paintings will impart beauty to your space! They give out ardent positive energy, which is important as the home is where the heart is!


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