How To Use Buddha Wall Art Painting To Bring Luck And Prosperity

Buddhism is a religion with more than 500 million followers in the world. It first emerged in India, then increased over time, in Southeast and East Asia. Placing a Buddha Wall Art Painting in a part of the home that holds good energy already is the most favorable choice. Buddha wall art is used as décor accessories that add a calm element to interiors. Those who want to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home can choose our collection of Buddha art prints & Wall Murals. Such unique themed wall art does not require any supportive accessories. The Buddha theme has its aura and suits almost any interior design.

Wall Art Painting

Where to use Buddha Art Prints:

  1. In the Meditation Area

If the purpose of having the wall art at home is to make a meditation zone, like a pooja area, then the right type of wall art and its design is important.

  •  In the living room

This is the place where guests are seated, so it’s good to have a peaceful ambiance in it. Placing a Buddha statue in the living room helps to do that. However, assure that the buddha faces the front door.

wall art painting
  • Facing the entrance door

Placing a Buddha painting inside your home so that it covers the front door not only brings positive energy or chi but also deflects negative energies that bring evil into the house. Rather than placing the Buddha idol on the floor or atop a low stool, it’s recommended that the wall art is set on a wall or a small statue on a cabinet that is at least two and a half feet high.

  • Academic achievement

In your kids’ study area, placing a Buddha painting on the wall or a statue on a wall shelf, where it can be seen when the child is working at the desk, helps to add an auspicious ingredient that adds positive energy and helps to reach academic goals.

  • Fortune in the home office

You can also use a single large art print on a wall in your workspace either at home or at the office to attract positive energy that brings progress in business and success. Also, you can Place a statue on your desk or close to it.

wall art painting
  • In the garden

Gardens are for relaxation, and setting a Buddha wall painting on a corner wall of your house works wonders in adding a peaceful feel to the area. Depending upon whether you use the garden for meditation or relaxation, a wallpaper of Buddha, either in the meditating or resting pose, is perfect.

  • The wall art in an altar

In a Buddhist home, wall art is normally placed on the altar. When you set up the altar or prayer room, pick a place that is free from disturbance.

Be careful of these things while placing Buddha wall painting in your Home :

  • Never place a Buddha wall painting on the floor or near the shelf of your shoes; this is not suitable and may be disrespectful. Alternatively, use a front wall to display the art prints. It is a great idea to put a piece of red paper under the Buddha to add a symbol of luck to an altar placement.
  • It is also disrespectful to put a decorative Buddha statue in a safe or vault. It is fair to keep a Buddha on the shelf with closing doors, however. Also keep it away from dirty or unkempt parts of the home, primarily the bathroom.
  • The position of the Buddha’s hands is also important. If the Buddha is seated with hands making an oval, this means inward attention or meditation and can be installed in a Zen garden facing east. If the Buddha holds one hand upward and one hand downward, this represents a blessing of empathy and fearlessness. The blessing Buddha should be located in an area that has low chi or depleted energy.
  • If the Buddha holds both hands in the face of his heart with the index fingers touching the thumb, this describes the sharing of knowledge and would be well located in a study or den. By touching his thumb with the ring finger, he brings prosperity and good fortune and thus should be located in the southeast area of the home.

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