Interesting Makeovers You Can Do With Marble Contact Paper

As the name suggests the decorative side of the marble contact paper resembles the pure and pristine marble, minus its high costs. Marble contact paper is a great way to incorporate a fun new pattern into your decor. Marble was used in architecture all the way back in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. But due to its high cost, it is usually reserved for kitchen or bathroom counters in today’s times. But now you can bring the elegance of the luxurious rock into your home in unprecedented ways.

Marble contact papers are available in a lot of varieties. Each of them displays the unique veining with occasional undertones of gold against the background color of your choice. Yes with marble contact paper you get to choose from a lot more colors when compared to the actual marble. This is a luxury privileged to modern times. You can choose from blue, green, or pink patterns; don’t just limit yourself to the neutral colors.

Marble contact paper can be used in the most common ways to cover up broken tiles of the kitchen or bathroom. Or it can be used in uncommon ways to decorate your photo frame or be the classy laptop skin.

Let us explore all such decorative ideas for the marble contact paper.


Marble Contact Paper is a water repellent made of vinyl and hence can be used for covering kitchen surfaces be it countertops or backsplash. It is easy to maintain, just wipe clean with a damp cloth. They give the glamorous look to your kitchen in practically no time. You just need to be a bit careful to use a trivet while placing hot dishes on it.


Be it broken tiles or the bathroom cabinets; all can be spiced up with the marble contact papers. They just jazz up the entire look in a jiffy. Using them is the most sought out option if you rent the place and are unable to carry out the repairs of the bathroom.


Who doesn’t love the pearly white tabletops? Everyone does, but getting marble cut perfect to the shape can prove to be a costly love affair. So here comes the marble contact paper to your rescue. You can apply them not just on tabletops but also any furniture with a smooth, leveled flat surface like your wardrobe, bookshelf, shoe rack, and much more.

Unusual Uses

You can cover your small items like laptops, notebooks, bookcases, handicrafts, nightstands or bigger items like the pillars and walls of the entryway or rungs of the stairway to make a bold entry to welcome your guest! Creativity has its own ways to exploit the uses of marble contact paper.

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