6 Latest Wallpaper Trends for Wall Covering

Anyone here wants to spruce up the walls with the latest wall coverings! I am sure you want to, I want it too:) Do you check out the latest wallpaper trends to add value to your walls? No? 🙁

Okay! Read through, who knows there is a change of heart! If yes, still read through, I know it is going to help you understand a few niceties about the current interior styles:)

Wallpaper trends  revolve around diverse decor styles that cater to different sensibilities, the most popular ones are as below:

  1. The subtle sophistication of a minimalist design
  2. The free-spirited Bohemian colors
  3. The rustic look 
  4. The industrial design 
  5. The Shabby chic 
  6. The happy eclectic vibe 

There are plenty of interior decoration wallpaper styles to choose from.

The time-based styles: 

These have the capacity to take you to an altogether different time zone, namely, 

  • Traditional or Classic style
  • Colorful Retro style
  • Art Deco of the Jazz Age 
  • Modern styles 
    • Maverick 
    • High-tech versions 
  • Contemporary Style
  • Transitional designs: to fuse different zones.

The location-based styles:

A few of the Interior Design styles are based on different locations too, for instance,

  • English and French country ones with specific wallpapers depicting Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower prints. 
  • Nature-based, catering to your fondness to be amidst nature with vast open landscapes or wild animals and floral prints. 

Selecting the right style and trend is the key to creating a visually striking interior space.

So here is a quick glimpse of the wallpaper trends for wall covering:

1. Geometric pattern

Geometric prints are evergreen options when it comes to wall coverings. The current ultra-modern sleek furniture styles available in the market can be easily complemented with uniform geometrics such as chevron, honeycomb, and zigzags or the trellis lattice patterned geometric style. Sacred geometry wall print is the ideal option for those looking to add interest and elegance to their home.

2. Textured wall coverings

Textured wall coverings are catching up with the trending styles due to the convenience of easily washable wallpaper materials available in today’s times. The velvet embossed patterns or the silken embroidery or just the uneven texture of abstract designs can add a glam style to your walls. Adding metallic textured wallpapers or ones with natural surfaces like wood is also quite popular. Just make sure to match it appropriately with your overall interior decorating style.

3. Maximalist

Maximalist wallpaper uses a range of bright colors, patterns, and furnishings. They are layered upon one another in a way that leads to an instantly enhanced look. At its core, this style is about allowing your personality and tastes to be expressed through your interiors. A stunning mix of leopard prints, ruffling, and patchwork is a type of maximalist wallpaper trend. These can sometimes be combined with stars, stripes, and metallic coats. There is simply no end to add-ons, go as per your taste. 

4. Florals

Florals can be adapted to suit any space, be it vintage, retro, or contemporary. It scales up the style sense and makes it beautiful. Think about the pattern of flowers, close your eyes, and should match your taste. It features a tapestry of blooming botanical, the focus is on florals and Ferns, movement of vitality. A radical break from traditional looks. The best benefit is they do not look dirty even if not cleaned daily, the scratch, if any,  gets covered up with dense detailing of the pattern!

5. Chinoiserie

This is sure to fill your room with exoticism and exuberance. A quick way to glamorize the Interiors is chinoiserie wallpaper. It is a stylized “European x Far Eastern” hybrid of a panoramic garden landscape. It brings exoticism, color, pattern, and movement to a room of any size or style of architecture. This is why it has never been out of style!

6. Custom prints

Customization is fast catching up in the wallpaper arena, just due to the sheer number of possibilities it offers. You can easily select your favorite landscape or even your own picture and make it larger than life by adorning your walls. You just need to conjure it up and get it custom printed for you.

If you are looking for a reliable wall covering supplier, Print MySpace showcases a variety of wallpaper trends. With quick shipping options across the globe! So what are you waiting for? Select a wallpaper suiting your attitude. There is an option for all! Yes, go ahead and let your walls do all the talking!