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Amazing Lord Ganesha Painting For Your New Home or Office

Amazing Lord Ganesha Painting For Your New Home or Office

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to Hindu mythology Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvati in the human form. Lord Shiva beheaded him in unawareness, and then replaced Ganesha’s original head with that of an elephant.The fused elephant-human form of Lord Ganesha is one of the most fascinating depictions and makes him one of the favorite deities not just in India but across South East Asia where he is connected with Buddhism as well.

Ganesha is a popular figure in Indian art, mostly represented with the head of an elephant since the early stages of his appearance in Indian art paintings. Here are some amazing Lord Ganesha Painting For Your New Home or Office. He is widely revered as the patron of intellect, prosperity, wisdom, arts, sciences and worshipped before any deity as the Lord of all beginnings, remover of obstacles, prosperity and success. Needless to say, Lord Ganesha paintings are the most sought after for homes and offices.

Abstract Lord Ganesha paintings

Although representations of Ganesha show wide variations, the one tusk elephant head with large ears and a huge potbelly is mostly common. Most of the times, Ganesha is seen with his vehicle (vahana) – the rat.This symbolizes Ganesha’s ability to overcome anything to get what he wants. As far as the symbolism of Lord Ganesha is concerned, there are multiple variations and interpretations and no singular line of thought.

If we’re to take the case of the Mooshak or the rat, the interpretations vary from it being representative of the ego – the ego should be small or play a negligible role in one’s persona to being symbolic of multiplication of whatever one possesses since rats reproduce prolifically.

Mural Paintings of Lord Ganesha images – Trunk Direction

The elephant is a unique animal, extremely powerful with a royal gait and walks ahead removing any obstacle in his path. While it is widely associated with authority, strength, courage, it’s a trunk is perhaps the most important part of its existence. It smells, eats, washes, drinks and works with its trunk. The trunk of Lord Ganesha hence assumes a lot of significance and symbolizes the balance of knowledge and action.

The way the trunk is depicted in Lord Ganesha paintings is also considered significant and there are primarily 3 orientations – left, right or middle, which is considered. Keep in mind that it is the direction that the trunk takes at the start that is considered, not the end of the curve of the trunk.

Selecting a Ganesha Idol for your home

Left-sided Lord Ganesha wall painting – Ideal for Homes

A left-sided Lord Ganesha is said to represent the “Ida Nadi” that has a more cooling effect, oft related to the moon. The energy that it emanates is cited to feminine, nourishing and relaxing. It is also suggested that such Lord Ganesha wall paintings be in a seated position since it is said to be indicative of the fact that the Ganesha now resides at your home and made your home his as well. Such art paintings should also ideally depict holding a laddu close to the trunk so that it represents material gain.

A few art paintings also depict a modak close to the trunk, that on the other hand attainment of spiritual wisdom. Like mentioned earlier, these symbolisms vary and are open to interpretation, and though the modak and laddu are considered Lord Ganesha’s favorite foods, the symbolism they express are different.

Right sided Lord Ganesha paintings on canvas – Ideal for Offices

The right sided Ganesha art painting is symbolic of the “Pingala Nadi” and is the exact converse of the left sided Ganesha. It is associated with the Sun, masculine and though it is representative of the Lord’s fiery side, professed to yield quick results, making it suitable for temples and offices.

It is also referred to as “Siddhi Vinayak” or granter of achievements. The fiery nature of the right sided Lord Ganesha also is a more demanding one and one needs to ensure that the rituals are correctly and rigorously followed to get quick results referred to as siddhis.

Unless one is extremely religious and committed to following rituals on a daily basis, it is not advisable to have the right sided version at home, more so since absences during vacations may cause a break in the adherence. Offices and temples face no issues and arrangements can always be made to ensure no lapses.

The most famous version of the Siddhi Vinayak depiction is at the temple of the same name at Mumbai, which incidentally happens to be one of India’s top ten most visited religious shrines, visited by anywhere between 25-200,000 people everyday and also one of the top ten richest shrines in India.


[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]Straight Lord Ganesha Paintings

This is the balanced version of Lord Ganesha and associated with the Sushumna Nadi. These Straight Lord Ganesha paintings are the most significant and special. The trunk here is oft depicted swung upright and though these idols are rare to find in temples, there are no such hassles while listing options from your favorite online art gallery. The symbolism of the straight trunk is also the most powerful since it signifies that the Kundalini Shakti has reached the crown chakra permanently and bestows the maximum benefits of awakening the Kundalini.

Beautiful paintings of lord Ganesha – Split Canvas

Lord Ganesha is seen in and worshipped in different forms – idols, statues, paintings as well as art panels. Art panels offer easy solution for the modern man’s endeavor to gain Ganesha blessings within the confines of home or office.

Most art panels depict any one of the thirty-two popular iconographic forms of Ganesha. Ganesha may be portrayed in different form, sometimes dancing or standing or sitting down on an elevated seat. Sometimes Ganesha is seen playing with his family as a boy, heroically taking action against demons, or engaging in a range of contemporary situations.

Art panels range from the abstract depiction of the lord to the most classic one which depicts Ganesha sitting with the four arms of human consciousness: mind, intellect, ego and the emotional reactive process.

First in the order is the cutter in the upper right hand, then rope in the upper left hand, then the sweet ball (modak) in the lower left hand and then the hand in the blessing pose. In the subjective process of evolution, first the doubts are removed (cutter), then a goal is fixed (Rope), then soul-joy is experienced (modak), and finally blessings of protection and deliverance.

You can choose from the many different variations of Ganesha in art panels with different color combinations too. Quite a few art panels have Sanskrit shlokas inscribed on them too that function as a prayer to the Lord when you set your eyes on the art painting. The most famous shloka that is used in Lord Ganesha paintings is :

“Vakra Tunda Mahakaay,

Koti Surya Samaprabha,

Nirvighnam Kurume Deva,

Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvada

Literally translated this means that I worship the Lord with a curved trunk and a huge body, who has the radiance of a million suns. Let Him remove the obstacles in my life and lead me on the path to fulfillment.

Lord Ganesha paintings: Don’ts

Before you hang your favourite Lord Ganesha painting that you’ve procured from an online art gallery it is important that you follow a few basic guidelines to reap maximum benefits.

  • Never place Ganesha wall art panels in the south direction. Prefer to place them in the east or west directions instead.
  • Do not place Ganesha wall paintings near toilet washrooms or across a wall that is attached to the bathroom or toilet.
  • Never hang Ganesha art paintings in the bedroom. If you would want to, then keep it in the northeast direction only.
  • Ganesha is revered as a Sattvic deity which means life-giving to the mind, body and spirit. As such avoid having non-veg in his presence and while offering Prasad, cook food that is devoid of onion and garlic and never tastes the Prasad while cooking. This is of special relevance during Ganesh Chaturthi or the week-long Indian festival devoted to the Lord.


Ganesha is the foremost worshipped Hindu God of beginnings. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and is worshipped for prosperity, good luck and success.

Worshipping Ganesha – “Lord of the People” (Gana means the common people) is believed to attract more wealth, happiness and health. So be it your home or office, there is a plethora of choice available online or on sites such as that carry a wide variety of beautiful lord Ganesha paintings and devotional wall paintings to choose from.

You could shortlist on the basis of the wall colour, wall art panel or wall painting colour or other criteria that are symbolic.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]