Brighten Up Your Space With These 3 Modern Home Decor Ideas

Undertaking the hefty task of redoing your home can be extremely overwhelming. There is a tonne of decisions to be made, a lot of information to be collected and a whole lot of planning and budgeting to be done. The task becomes even more daunting for those of us who don’t have a creative bent of mind, or like to be prepared and do thorough research before committing to a home décor decision. And it only makes sense.

What if we tell you that we have decided to help you out in this quest? Yes, you heard that right! So here are some modern home decor ideas with the eclectic collection of home decor products at Printmyspace. We are sure they will enhance the overall look of your space and will be an excellent addition to your interior design dreams.

Modern Home Decor Ideas

modern home decor ideas
modern home decor ideas

Large wall art – The decision to buy a large wall art is one of the best investments you’ll make for your home. Especially for those who are scared of committing to something for a long duration since you can easily change the wall art at any time you want. We at Print my space have many polyptych panels in the large wall art category where you will find 898 different painting prints.

The subject of these panels is of various moods for instance devotional which are related to many religions,  abstract, Vastu related, and nature. The polyptych style gives a notch high to these art pieces in your modern style of taste.

The devotional art panels or floral art panels can be very helpful in elevating the serene mood of a room. A large wall art instantly raises the style-o-meter of your home and alters the look. Similarly, the ethnic art of India like Madhubani, Pichwai, Pattachitra can change your dull, drab place to an awe-inspiring space.

The transformation of your home will be note-worthy if you use an abstract canvas art print with which you can show off your creativity, visuality, and artistic expression. So, a design update in the home décor of your house cannot be simpler than this. 

Wallpaper – If you are planning to decorate and design your new house or thinking of renovating your old decors then the best way to start with can be a luxury wallpaper. Wallpaper makes a grand statement and adds a dash of royalty to your home. Some easy tips to find the best ways to utilize good art prints can be to put up chinoiserie or a damask print in your living room, or a leaf or floral wallpaper in the reading nook of your house, to bring a touch of greenery to your reading space.

You can also coordinate the furniture of your house with the wallpaper by keeping in mind whether you want to go for a contemporary modern look or want to retain a more traditional or rustic atmosphere. Wallcoverings or murals are perfect for art lovers. If you truly want to make your home unique, you can blend in old and new elements together by retaining old furniture and opting for a 3D wallpaper or have a modern space but cover your walls up with vintage wallpaper. 

Don’t forget hallways! Cover them up with a colored, textured wallpaper of your choice and be amazed at the fresh, new space that greets you. Patios must also not be the last thing on your list to renovate. Simply put up the best wallpaper from our wood wallpaper designs, and you’ll be pulled into spending all your evenings out on the patio thereafter.

Blinds – The best home decor products are those that let you have fun with your house without worrying too much about emptying your pockets or taking a lot of time out of your life. And our blinds do just that! The right blind from our many designs can even make the room look bigger, or even add a sense of depth to it. Use blinds with vertical lines or you can also mount blinds high above your windows.

The more you keep the blinds closed to the ceilings the grander the room will feel. You can express your style and taste through these blinds by putting them on the balcony to make them stand out, and become a statement piece in your home.

Conclusion – We all want to live in beautiful spaces that make our everyday cheerful and energetic. It is very much possible to breathe fresh life into your old home. For that these simple modern home decor ideas can easily be followed. You needn’t shell out a lot to spruce up your place, and you definitely can do without the fear of getting bored of your own home. 

Unique home décor doesn’t mean that you have to make changes in every corner of your house. A simple accent wall in one room, a new wallpaper on the ceiling in another room, or putting up some bathroom art would be enough. Just trust your gut when it comes to home décor. You don’t have to follow trends or do as the style gurus say. Simply choose wall art prints or canvas painting prints or blinds that you know in your heart will dramatically upgrade the ambiance of your home, and voila!

You have made the place your very own, and amped it all up in one go. Ultimately, the purpose of renovating is for your home to look new and impeccable but also to tell your story. Make sure that the changes you make align with that goal, and make you happy and welcomed in your own house.