Navratri Decoration Ideas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Navratri decorations play an important role for the duration of nine nights and ten days. It is the exact time for this major Indian festival observed in the honour of Goddess Durga. Navratri is celebrated in different parts of India in diverse ways. Most of the celebrations include prayers, chanting of the scriptures, recital of the legend, enacting of the story, street plays, stage decorations, idol immersion, and bonfire too. The Navratri decorations vary each time with the traditions of the people celebrating it. Here are some extraordinary Navratri decoration ideas to make your décor special and set the mood for the festivals.

Navratri is most popularly enjoyed in Gujarat and western India with a classical folk dance called Garba in large decorated mandaps. In Bengal and eastern India, it is celebrated as Durgoutsav or Durga Puja. In southern India, families keep the Navratri Golu at home to mark the nine nights of meditation done by Goddess Durga. In northern India, these days are celebrated in honour of Lord Rama with stage setting plays of Ram Lila and Dussehra with burning the effigy of demon king Ravana on the tenth day. Navratri decorations play an important role in differentiating the mandap and pandal from the Golu and ram Lila.

Navratri decoration

Like most of the Hindu festivals, Navratri is a time for the people all different geographies to come together to purify themselves with rituals and prayers. The added elements of fun, lights, colours, clothes, dance, music, food heightens this feeling of togetherness. Friends and family members visit each other’s homes and offices too. Hence people put in a lot of time, attention and efforts for Navratri decoration.

Here are some extraordinary Navratri decoration ideas to make your décor special and set the mood for the festivals.

Navratri decoration ideas at home

Home is where the heart is. Hence home decoration is the most important aspect of the decoration ideas. If you have a big fat pocket you can hire interior designers to give a special touch to your puja room, living room or bedroom at home. But if you want beautiful decorative interiors with your unique signature then try these simple and cost-effective DIY Navratri decoration ideas.

Navratri decoration themes

People in South India decorate their homes slightly different from the others during Navratri. They keep the traditional Golu with nine steps made of wooden planks to depict the nine nights Goddess Durga meditated before killing Mahishasura. Idols of various Gods & Goddesses are kept on these steps, with a wooden idol depicting Goddess Durga. For the rest of India, the nine days of Navratri signify the nine different forms of Goddess Durga. If you are the urban house dweller with a spiritual inclination then do make use of the significance of each avatar of Goddess Durga and decorate your home with the colour of the day.

This can be easily done by hanging the right colour wallpaper on a small section of the feature wall of the living room. Most wallpapers have easy to peel liners for quick and effortless application. You can deck yourself in the same colour clothes too. Here is a quick guide to help you set up the colour theme each day.

Day 1 – Colour of the day is grey to honour Shailaputri avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 2 – Colour of the day is Orange to honour Brahmacharini avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 3 – Colour of the day is white to honour Chandraghanta avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 4 – Colour of the day is red to honour Kushmanda avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 5 – Colour of the day is sky blue to honour Skandmata avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 6 – Colour of the day is pink to honour Katyayani avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 7 – Colour of the day is royal blue to honour Kalaratri avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 8 – Colour of the day is yellow to honour Mahagauri avatar of Goddess Durga

Day 9 – Colour of the day is green to honour Sidhidatri avatar of Goddess Durga

Navratri decoration at home

If you are the busy urbanite and wish to change the home decor at one go for all these days then beautiful decorative wall painting, panels, and blinds are for you. You can display a large framed wall painting of Goddess Durga on the feature wall of your living room for infinite blessings. Or else you can customise window blinds, and door stickers with religious symbols to protect you from all evil. To please the art lover within you can hang multi panel modern abstract art panels of Goddess Durga in the living room. There are a plethora of decor choices available in the market these days.

Navratri decoration items

Apart from living room colour and style options, you can spice up the Pooja decor with fresh flowers and decorative puja thali for Navratri aarti thali decoration ideas. Puja bells and diyas can be made to look attractive too using decorative contact paper.

Navratri Garba decoration ideas

Garba is the main attraction of the decoration during Navratri. It is kept on display for all the nine days and finally immersed in water on the tenth day. Depending on your choice you can opt for decorating the clay pot with mirrors the traditional way or make it look more unique with a marble finish with gold designs on it. Most modern contact papers have this pristine white marble option. You can mix and match it with red ornate damask design contact paper too.


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Using instant auspicious rangoli is one of the most popular Navratri decoration ideas. You can get peel-off decorative rangoli and stick it at the entrance of your door to welcome the abundant grace of Goddess Durga. Get a twist to the traditional rangoli with this sacred geometry design.

Navratri decoration tips

Huge garlands are also used on door frames to welcome the guest. The bright and colourful fresh flowers create an aromatic ambience to enhance the beauty of the home.

Navratri light decoration

Last but not least, is to decorate the home with bright lights. Remember Navratri, literally means nine nights, so you will need ample lights to sparkle up the festival at night time.

Navratri decoration at home images

Here is a collection of images of different Navratri decorations done at home. You can see how each home has its unique style of celebrating the festival and yet they all seem to be having the common spirit of rejoicing.

Navratri decoration ideas for office

The Navratri decoration ideas don’t just end at the home front. They work well just like you in your offices too. The Navratri decoration at the office is all the more important if you are doing a special puja for financial blessings in the office during Navratri. You can choose any of the home decoration suggestions and use it in a less definitive way to create the glamorous and yet sophisticated look for the office.

Navratri decoration ideas for school

Do not limit your Navratri decoration ideas to homes and offices. Explore their charm in schools too to create a lasting impression on the young minds. Navratri decoration in school will educate the children about the rich and varied heritage of Indian festivals. You can also add a study theme like the harmful effects of deforestation or pollution.

Navratri mandap decoration

When it comes to large scale celebrations of Navratri, then Mandap decoration plays a major role. A mandap is a temporary structure set up for the ten days to venerate Goddess Durga. Mandap decoration for Navratri mostly includes huge posters and banners of the sponsors of the event. Navratri light decoration plays an equally important role here. Bright disco or flickering lights are used here if it is used for the Garba folk dance. But if it is used for Ram Lila then the lights are much dimmer to recreate the ancient era.

Navratri pandal decoration

In the case of Durga Puja, the mandap is called pandal. Here people come together in large numbers from the sixth day to the ninth to worship the gigantic colourful idols of Goddess Durga. Navratri light decoration and huge wall posters of Goddess Durga together recreate the divine kaleidoscopic Navratri ambience.

Navratri decoration images

Here is a collection of images of different Navratri decorations done in public places – like huge mandap, pandal as well as the smaller intricate decorations done in schools and offices.

Navratri decoration items online

Now you see how simple decorative papers, wallpaper rolls, wall art paintings, panels, posters as well as customised blinds and door sticker options can completely transform your Navratri decoration. Their easy to peel liner and adhesive material allows for repositioning during decoration. Simply cut to shape for a custom application depending on your requirement to add life to your Navratri decoration ideas.

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