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Buy Online - Handmade Krishna Radha Sharad Poornima Madhubani Painting in US

Handmade Krishna Radha Sharad Poornima Madhubani Painting


Order Today @June 14, 2024 and get it in 10 to 20 days

Material : handmade paper

Size : Width : 22 inches Height : 30 inches


Madhubani Art (or Mithila painting) is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of India. It originated in the MADHUBANI district of Bihar, thus the name. This art form was traditionally done on mud walls of huts using natural paints and sticks. They mostly depict people and their connection with natural surroundings like the sun, moon, and animals.

Through my paintings, I have tried to preserve the original art form. My paintings are characterized by their unique subjects- be it the scenes and tales of deities from ancient Indian epics or social events like weddings and Indian festivals like Holi, Makar Sankranti, etc.

Madhubani Painting is part of the rich cultural heritage art forms of India. Madhubani Painting is one of the oldest art forms which is still in existence. In this Madhubani, a Painting artisan has made a Nature-based painting of the Tree of Life. Tree of Life is originally known as Kalp Vriksh. Kalp Vriksh has a life of more than a thousand years. Tree of Life is considered to bring long life to the family. Artisan has used the Kachin form of Madhubani Painting to grab the eyes of the viewer.

Free handwork is done by the artisan. Which is also a core feature of Madhubani Painting. The base material for the painting is a Handmade khadi Sheet.

Madhubani painting (Mithila painting) was traditionally created by the women of various communities in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. It originated from the Madhubani district of the Mithila region of Bihar. Madhubani is also a major export center of these paintings.

This painting as a form of wall art was practiced widely throughout the region; the more recent development of painting on paper and canvas mainly originated among the villages around Madhubani, and it is these latter developments that led to the term ?Madhubani art? being used alongside ?Mithila Painting.? The paintings were traditionally done on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts, but now they are also done on cloth, handmade paper, and canvas.

Madhubani painting has remained confined to a compact geographical area and the skills have been passed on through centuries, the content and the style have largely remained the same. Thus, the Madhubani painting has received GI (Geographical Indication) status. Madhubani paintings use two-dimensional imagery, and the colors used are derived from plants. Ochre and lampblack are used for reddish-brown and black, respectively

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