Window blinds

    Are you looking for solutions to keep your space private from peeping Toms? Or do you just want a break from the bright light entering your room during the early hours of the day? If yes then, you sure would have considered buying window blinds. If you are thinking about buying some blinds, read on this article which provides you with their various options available in the market these days.


    Blinds, in general, are used to describe coverings that control the amount of light entering a room from doors, windows, and balconies of your home and office. Depending on where it is used, they are called as door, window or Balcony blinds

    Door blinds
    Stationary vertical blinds are hung in the doorways of some homes and businesses which generally leave the door open. Movement of the blind may signal a change in airflow, or someone entering the doorway. More commonly, however, these vertical blinds are made of thick plastic. In the cold rooms of food businesses, this slows the heat leakage into the cold room. In warmer climates, vertical blinds discourage flies and some other insects from entering the building.

    Curtains and blinds
    Curtains have been always used to protect the space within from harsh external sunlight and dust. A similar role is done by window blinds too. The term blinds are used to describe window coverings in general. They are window treatments made in PVC, fabric, and metal. The faux wood blinds are made resembling wood for providing window shade.

    Types of blinds

    Venetian blinds are horizontal slatted blinds

    Bamboo blinds are the wood Venetian blinds in the US. Bamboo blinds for balcony are quite popular.

    Vertical blinds are blinds standing vertically

    Roman blinds are used to block out the sun. They are ideal for bedrooms but can be used for the living room too.

    Remote control blinds have a variety of control systems to control the amount of light

    Window blinds

    India is said to be the land of artistic and modernistic designs. For instance, the Calico pattern that originated from Calicut, India. The Calico design depicts an all-over floral motif to cover the design plane. Install the Calico pattern blue and pink floral motifs as your custom roller blind and transform the mien of your home or office instantly. The design is not only tasteful but also diffuses an elegant and compact look for your windows. The choice of monochrome cream background gives a humble touch to your interiors.

    Roller blinds

    The multi-hued banyan leaves against a white background is an absolute refreshing design for your automatic roller blinds. Suitable for your living space or study room, this custom roller blind design is a combination of soothing and vibrant at the same time. Sit study or work in the shadow of the falling leaves artwork and unwind in style.

    Custom Window Blinds with Seafoam Green Banyan Leaves

    Vertical blinds

    The spider webs that we so hate when finding them in our homes can create an inspiring roller blind art when looked from an artistic point of view. It is appalling how beautiful the spider-web pattern looks like an automatic roller blind design. Install the roller blind art depicting the spider-web pattern on a sandstone-yellow background. The calmness of the background gives a more inquisitive feel to your interiors.

    Custom Window Blinds with Spider-web Pattern on sandstone-yellow background

    Window roller blinds

    Birds outside the window can seem to be very appealing. However, getting a chance to watch the exotic birds is quite rare. If you miss the chirping of jungle birds then do get this Peacock Pattern Custom Blinds, Quality Window Blinds. It depicts the magnificent colourful birds against a peach milieu.

    Peacock pattern custom blinds, quality window blinds

    Window blinds India

    Do the stories of travelling wanderers and sea voyages intrigue your curious mind? We offer you our classic and vintage roller blind design with sailing boats and anchor motifs on a beige background. The entire appearance of this custom automatic roller blind art is sophisticated and would transform the entire impression of your home or office with a slight alteration to your windows.

    Custom Window Blinds with Wind-blown Boats on a beige background

    Children’s blinds

    You can help keep the playfulness alive in your little kid with window blinds of different toys and gadgets. Blinds of fantasy tales will help your kid have faith in dreams and miracles as they grow up. Bring to life the Disney princess stories that you narrate to your child with this fancy Children’s blinds.

    If your child is one of the happy-go-lucky kids then encourage him or her to spread the happy smiles. Brighten up the walls of your kid’s room with these window blinds and turn them into their favorite memories. The mini blinds design depicts cartoon rainbows over clouds on a bright sky-blue background.

    Children have always been enamoured by spiky animals. Install the complacent window blinds depicting hedgehogs on a sandstone-yellow background for your kid’s bedroom.

    Wooden blinds

    Who would imagine window blinds with horizontal wood end texture! This is a unique look that would liven up the appearance of your walls and transform the look completely. Feel the rustic country-side appeal of your room with this automatic roller blind design.

    Custom Window Blinds with Horizontal Wood end Texture

    Buy this stylish stone effect roller blind from our collection to bring some urban ruggedness to your interiors. Keep your guests wondering whether the wood is real or not? The chocolate brown shade gives a unique and rare touch to your windows. Turn up your creative and imaginative side while choosing the appropriate custom roller blind art for your home or office and gather praises from your visitors. The quality of this automatic roller blind design gives a realistic touch to itself.

    Custom Window Blinds with Rugged Wooden Texture

    Office window blinds

    Imagine an artistic look for office windows. Very often, tiles are associated with a glossy look, in the form of rectangles or square. But putting together thin strips of tiles can build up a stony look for your interiors. Give your windows a matching look with your stone effect/tile effect walls and pair it up with contrasting solid colour walls for enhancement of appearance.

    Custom Window Blinds with Thin Tiles Texture

    Office blinds

    We offer you a great option for office windows. Bring home the Italian style sophistication. Italian fieldstone is another type of stone that would be best suitable for the outdoor walls. Although these stones do not come in uniform size they can still be layered on top of each other to give a rugged look. The mustard yellow shade gives the whole décor a humble and rustic appearance. Install custom roller blinds with this design and make a unique statement to your visitors.

    Custom Window Blinds with Mustard yellow Italian fieldstone texture

    Roman blinds images

    Choose this Custom Blinds design which has modern geometric Ornamental Greek Lattice made in black gold. This modern blinds milieu is made up of grey colour. Wait no more, buy these Roller Blinds Online to create an impression for your space to match up your style. In fact, the same pattern can be used to print coordinated removable waterproof wallpapers too.

    The colour gold has a unique charm on a grey background as it amplifies the liveliness and richness of any design. Install this custom roller blind design that depicts multiple Mandala patterns. A mandala, which means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, is a complex abstract design that represents the connection between our inner world and outer reality. A mandala can be both geometric and organic and usually has one identifiable centre point from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes, and forms.

    Roller blinds images

    Choose this Abstract African tribes pattern Custom Window Blinds design which has an abstract painting of African black people with jugs and fruits. This modern blinds milieu is made up of brown colour. Wait no more, buy these Roller Blinds Online to create an impression for your space to match up your style. The same pattern can be used to print coordinated removable waterproof wallpapers too.

    Let us help you fall in love with your window every morning with this custom roller blind art and find new excuses to keep the blinds drawn all day long. Enjoy the warmth and cosiness of your home and install the automatic roller blinds depicting the intercepting circles in blue and white.

    Are you afraid to come across as garish or over-dramatic with your interior designs? The soothing and simple white maze motif is probably your solution if you believe in a simplistic and minimalistic approach for your interior designs. Give your windows a new look with minimum design and yet, successfully bring out the divine elegance within your environment.

    Custom Window Blinds with Geometric Maze motif on a white background

    Vertical blinds images

    Buy custom roller blinds illustrating grey seamless patterns on a bright red background. A seamless texture is an image that can be placed side-by-side with itself without creating a noticeable boundary between two copies of the image. Seamless textures are especially important in 3D wallpaper art, where arbitrarily large surfaces could be covered by a seamless texture sans the distracting seam-like impressions. The bright red colour adds to the liveliness of the custom roller blind design.

    Custom Windowy Seamless Patterns on a Bright Red Background

    This Wood-Effect in Block Print warm wooden 3D custom blinds creates the rustic wood cabin feel as if you are amidst nature.

    Custom Window Blinds of Wood-effect in Block Print

    Window blinds online India

    There are so many different varieties of window blinds available on the online shopping platforms today. All you need to do is to search for your favourite design and place the order. With the click of a button you can now cover up your windows in a jiffy.

    If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Window blinds online then contact Print My Space With quick shipping options across the globe Print My Space can help you create a combination and custom themes of blinds for doors and windows.

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