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Amazing Radha Krishna Paintings Modern Art for Every Wall

Amazing Radha Krishna Paintings Modern Art for Every Wall

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Radha Krishna Paintings Modern Art

Two inseparable names known to every Indian and many across the globe are that of Radha and Krishna. Radha Krishna- these two names complete each other, immortalizing their love story for many generations. Every child has been taught about the history and journey of Lord Krishna and his undying love towards Radha. With the presence of online art galleries and digital prints, you can now bring home the everlasting romance of Radha Krishna. One such online art gallery is PrintMySpace Where you can get amazing Radha Krishna paintings modern art for every wall.

Let us look at some paintings online of Radha and Krishna that would go with our walls.

The first recommended wall art of Radha Krishna is the one depicting a dancing Radha to the tunes of Krishna. Myths state that Radha has been an ardent follower of Lord Krishna. Whenever she would hear Krishna play the flute, she would leave every chore to dance to his tunes. This beautiful wall art painting shows how a mesmerized Radha forgets the worries of the world and dance to the tunes of her beloved.

When with Lord Krishna, Radha is said to represent the Supreme Goddess. The God derives satisfaction only through unconditional servitude and Radha is the personification of devotional service to the supreme. She is patient and completely dedicated to her beloved and is ready to sacrifice herself for Krishna. This wall art illustrating Radha serving the Lord is the ultimate depiction of the true love of Radha Krishna. The colour combination of dark blue with yellow aura grabs the attention of your guests instantaneously.

Modern Painting Of Radha Krishna

According to Vaishnavism, a popular Hindu religious sect, Radha is considered as the total feminine energy and the Supreme Lakshmi (Adi-Lakshmi). She is merciful and portrays the path to attain Krishna. She, along with Krishna, is the feminine-masculine unity of energy. Bringing home this divine union would surely be a celebration of eternal love and loyalty.

This digital print of Radha Krishna is a modern Krishna painting that would brighten up any wall- from the living room to prayer room. The image illustrates Radha Krishna with half-closed eyes of the duo that portray how deeply involved they are into each other. The blue background diffuses a calming effect in your interiors. This is apt wall art for your bedroom available on an online art gallery.

Modern Art Krishna Radha Oil Painting

According to Vastu Shastra, the Indian architecture science, placing images of Radha Krishna is likely to create an ambience of peace and nurture. The best direction to keep these digital print paintings is the north-east direction and the recommended space is your living room. Let this space be dignified with your choice of modern wall art of Radha Krishna. Display a unique wall art piece in your living room for creating the right first impression with this modern wall painting. It is abstract art of Krishna playing his flute and Radha lost in his music available on an online art gallery.

Modern Painting Radha Krishna

Radha is said to be elder to Krishna. Myths say that she did not open her eyes to see the world till he was born. Such was her love for Krishna. Despite being surrounded by several gopis, Krishna found solace only in the company of Radha. Every time Krishna would go upto the lake in Gokul to practice his flute, hundreds of gopis would run upto him and try to woo him. Who would not like to attain the love cowherd boy with blue-skin, doe-shaped eyes! He would be playful with all, but his heart desired only Radha. Radha, one of the gopis, had captured his heart with her sincerity and pure dedication.

Most Krishna paintings depict Krishna being surrounded by his female followers, while he plays his flute and Radha dances beside him. Such an image is timeless and sublime. One such image is offered at PrintMySpace which would be a good wall art choice for your dining hall.



Radha Krishna modern painting images

This canvas wall art of Radha Krishna on an off-white background is best suited for a corner where you would sit and unwind. The modern art embraces the tranquil presence of the duo with utmost purity. It is surely going to make you feel relaxed and loved and is an ideal choice for the bedroom since it also depicts intimacy.

Modern Art Paintings Of Lord Krishna And Radha

The biggest obstacle in the path of this divine love story was that Radha was married to someone else. Despite her attempts at submerging her love for Krishna, she spent every moment thinking about the young King. Their love story never ended with the traditional marriage. But then, not every love story ends with marriage. Pure love is the connection of the heart and soul. And Radha and Krishna were bound by soul. So much so, that their names come out as a single word ‘Radha-Krishna’. Their love is an undying charm that is likely to mesmerise several generations to come.

Feel the spiritual bliss in the space around with this canvas wall art which displays the heavenly and divine couple Radha Krishna. Here Radha in orange robes is thinking about Krishna as she looks at the peacock and behold the lord appears in the sky playing the flute. The canvas art prints background is made up of grey shades with painted texture. Celebrate the bond of togetherness with this wall art.

Lord Krishna And Radha Modern Paintings

The union of Radha Krishna is said to be the union of the Jivatma (individual self) and Parmatma (universal self). In recent trends, artists have introduced abstract art to depict Radha Krishna. Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of art imagery. This parting ways with the reality can be slight, partial or complete. For instance, in this wall art Radha Krisha are depicted using mostly their faces. However, the borders have been blurred. The blend of colours give a rustic impact and would be suitable for the walls of your study room.

Modern Krishna Radha Oil Painting

Another beautiful image of Radha Krishna on canvas in a combination of abstract art and devotional art painting has been recommended below. This modern canvas wall art is an ideal pick to decorate your home and offices.

Lord Krishna And Radha Modern Painting

Lord Krishna is said to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Krishna Charitas, he was born to Devaki and King Vasudeva. To protect baby Krishna from his tyrant brother-in-law, Kamsa, Vasudeva secretely exchanges him with the child of Yashoda and King Nanda.

The day of Krishna’s birth is celebrated as Janmasthami, according to the Hindu calendar. Baby Krishna is known for his notoriety and mischiefs. He has been troublemaker, stealing churned butter from the houses in Mathura to clothes of women bathing in the lake.

Having a baby Krishna canvas wall painting is said to beget you a child, like Krishna. Baby Krishna symbolizes divine innocence and naiveté. A recommended wall art illustrating this phase of Krishna’s life is recommended for your kid’s bedroom or prayer room.

Radha Krishna Modern Painting Images

Lord Krishna has influenced many religious traditions. According to Vaishnavism, Krishna is worshipped as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is the most important incarnation of Lord Vishnu. For the followers of Krishnaism, Krishna is synonymous with Vishnu. He is an independent and supreme God. The story of Krishna appears in the Jataka tales of Buddhism. In Bhakti tradition, Krishna is a popular focus of devotionalism.

Lord Krishna is mentioned with severe importance in the Mahabharata. He is narrator of Bhagvad Gita. It is with ideologies and tactical skills that the Pandavas win the battle of Kurukshetra against the Kauravas. Krishna’s timeline suggests that he never met Radha after he left Mathura at a very young age. Their love is not defined by their physical presence but through the connection of mind. Every time Radha closed her eyes, she would feel the presence of her beloved.

Modern Paintings Of Lord Krishna And Radha

Another heart-warming digital print of Radha and Krishna is illustrated in this wall art suggestion. The unique method of painting Radha and Krishna with hued foreheads give a unique touch to the otherwise conventional imagery. They are seen holding Krishna’s flute together, inviting the world to embrace the path of true and divine love. Feel the spiritual bliss of their combined presence in your interiors.

A love story that has outlived centuries told and retold, is that of Radha Krishna’s. And the stories await to be re-narrated to our future generations yet again. Every time a new mother sings a lullaby, it frequently narrates the mischiefs of baby Krishna. Every time a poet pens a poem about separation and lost love, he draws synonyms from the stories of Radha Krishna. Every time a lover expresses his love, he draws inferences from that of Radha Krishna. This duo is eternally present. Bringing them home is bound to bring him good luck and love. Enliven your walls with the Amazing Radha Krishna Paintings Modern Art for Every Wall.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]