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Radha Krishna Paintings on Canvas Online | Lord Krishna Canvas Painting

30 Radha Krishna Paintings on Canvas For Your Home

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Indians are blessed to have a great legacy of the diversity of mythological tales, battle stories and otherworldly fables. Idols, art paintings, sculptures are objects that symbolize the unseen energy and components capable of influencing spirituality and positivity in our life. Here are 30 Radha Krishna Paintings on Canvas For Your Home that you can buy on

Our Radhakrishna Canvas Wall Paintings are not only designed for home decoration; they also function as a guide to peace and happiness that harness high energy levels within your space.

The one powerful energy that drives the world is the divinity and piousness of pure love. And some love stories are eternal in nature like the love story of Radha Krishna, amazingly and perhaps the most beautifully depicted through Krishna paintings.

Why Indians Like Radhakrishna Canvas Wall Paintings For their Home

Lord Krishna is said to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. The birth of Lord Krishna is an annual Hindu festival celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami or simply known as Janmashtami. It is also known as Gokulashtmi in Maharashtra.

Lord Krishna is one of the most powerful human incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Radha is considered to be the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. Radha Krishna are two names that are never taken separately and invariably uttered in the same breath together.

Their love story has become an inspiration for many poets and artisans. Since ages, many different artists have been trying to capture this beautiful emotion through their art paintings and other artwork. You could browse through collections of an online art gallery and be spoilt with a variety of choice.

30 Radha Krishna Paintings on Canvas For Your Home

Here are 30 different Radha Krishna paintings on canvas for your home:

1 Radha Krishna paintings on canvas in Vrindavan

This beautiful Radha Krishna art painting will elevate the energy of your home. These art paintings can be placed in your living room as well as your bedroom. According to Vastu Shastra, the Indian architecture science, having images of Radha Krishna create an aura of peace and love. These can be kept in the living room and the best direction to keep these paintings is the north-east direction.

2 Radha Krishna Canvas Painting for your Living room

The living room is a place where all the members of the family socialize and where the guests are welcomed. Having a mesmerizing wall painting of Radhakrishna in your living room generates positive vibes. This beautiful blue colour painting is a great choice as according to Vaastu, blue colour emanates tranquil vibes.

3 Radha krishna paintings on canvas for everlasting romance

This canvas wall painting of Radha resting under a tree in the moonlit sky will surely make you feel relaxed and loved and is an ideal choice for the bedroom since it also depicts an intimacy.

4 Radha Krishna canvas painting online for bedroom

This canvas wall art depicts the immense love between the two divine souls. Every married couple desires the same love and affection and having this painting in your bedroom will help you have such a relationship for the images that you see also deeply register in your subconscious.

5 Abstract canvas painting lord krishna

This abstract art is a high definition photo printed on canvas. This masterpiece can be customized and framed according to your desired size. You must have seen many paintings online, but more often than not, the depiction is rather traditional with Radha Krishna. There are very few choices for a modernist, more millennial depiction of Radha Krishna in an online art gallery.

6 Krishna and Radha Canvas Painting

The beautiful faces of Radhakrishna on the fine print canvas will make you feel loved and keep the romance ignited. This is also the best gift to give someone you love for their special occasions such as a wedding or anniversary.

7 Wall art Panels of acrylic canvas painting of krishna radha

Wall art panels are split canvas frames and help enhance and create a majestic look. The canvas wall art is creatively split across multiple panels and there may be several options in the manner and shape they may be split. These generally help make your wall look bigger than it actually is and the effect of colors immediately draws your attention.

8 Radha Krishna Canvas Painting Online

This exquisite wall art painting will give a strikingly fresh and relaxed feel to the members of the family as well as guests visiting your house. You cannot stop yourself from appreciating this marvel and is available in the online art gallery of

9 Krishna and Radha Canvas Painting

This wonderful set of Radhakrishna in the forest is a treat to our eyes and shows a mileu of Radha Krishna that can be creatively arranged as a 2 piece canvas or set in a sequence on a large wall. This canvas set is a perfect gift for couples or for housewarming functions.



10 Baby Krishna Painting on Canvas

Having a baby Krishna canvas wall painting is said to beget you a child, like Krishna. Many people tend to call babies as little Krishna since the child version is synonymous with divine innocence and mischief. This beautiful baby Krishna art painting will surely give you a motherly feeling.

11 Radhakrishna canvas wall painting with cows in the background

According to Hindu beliefs, cows are worshipped and are considered as holy. The identity of Krishna itself is inseparable from cows and the early life of Krishna is in an agrarian setting where he is a cowherd with innumerable cows that he deeply loves and cares for.

12 Canvas Painting Radha Krishna

The union of two divine souls on fine print canvas depicting a musical scene with tweeting birds, ringing bells and Krishna playing the flute is ticks all the right boxes for beautiful art décor that is ethnic and uber chic.

13 Abstract Radha Krishna Painting on Canvas

This beautiful image of Radhakrishna on canvas is a combination of abstract art and devotional art painting. This modern canvas wall art is an ideal pick to decorate your home and offices.

14 Acrylic Canvas Painting Of Krishna Radha

Blue is the colour of warmth and tranquillity. This blue colour Radhakrishna abstract wall art will give you your everyday dose of motivation and spirituality.

15 The 5 panel wall art painting of Radhakrishna

This 5 panel wall art painting of midnight meeting of Radhakrishna will brighten your space with its deep blue colours. This Radha Krishna painting on canvas in your bedroom will surely fill your married life with happiness.

16 Krishna Radha Canvas Painting

Feel the spiritual love of Radhakrishna at your home with this adoring image of Krishna playing the flute while Radha tying her hair. The image has a brown backdrop with lotus flowers and peacocks.

17 Canvas Wall Art Depicting The Love Of Radhakrishna

The trance of being lost in thoughts of beloved is the best one. The wall painting of Radha sitting in a garden under a tree thinking about Krishna has a dreamy aura to it and is laced with symbols of Lord Krishna with colourful lotus flowers – associated with Goddess Lakshmi who is depicted seated on a lotus. Radha is considered to be the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi.

18 Radha Krishna Painting Online

This wall painting of Radhakrishna depicts Lord Krishna with a divine glow and can be kept in a living room or bedroom for having a harmonious relationship. As seen on

19 Radha Krishna Acrylic Painting on Canvas

For those who adore art and are looking for paintings online that epitomize eternal love, Radhakrishna paintings are the best pick for you. This one borders on the modern and abstract yet without losing the central message that the love of Radha Krishna conveys.

20 Radha Krishna Wall Painting

This mesmerizing canvas wall painting displays the true love and togetherness of two lovers. It gives the essence of pure love and togetherness of two divine souls.

21 Radhakrishna canvas wall art

This is another beautiful depiction of Radha Krishna that illustrates Lord Krishna playing the flute and a mesmerized Radha lost in the love for Krishna and his music.

22 3 Piece Canvas Set Of Radha Krishna

The peacock is also deeply associated with the depiction of Krishna, who is also referred to as “Morpankhi” since he wore a peacock feather in his crown. It is said that when Lord Krishna played the flute, the peacocks would be mesmerized too and dance with him. Here we have the diving Radha Krishna in the central panel of a 3 piece canvas set flanked by peacocks on the right and left canvas panels.

23 Canvas Radha Krishna Painting

The beautiful and heavenly Radhakrishna painting on canvas flanked by Gopis in a cool purple that will stand out on any wall color is the perfect wall décor for your bedroom.

24 Lord Krishna Canvas Painting

Celebrate the divine love of Radhakrishna with this beautiful canvas wall painting.

25 Krishna Paintings Modern Art On Canvas

Krishna playing the flute and Radha reminiscing about Krishna captured in this beautiful wall painting.

26 Krishna Paintings Modern Art On Canvas

Beautiful colours and abstract Radha Krishna painting on canvas gives an artistic look to your space. It will redefine your space with modern art and spiritual bliss.

27 Krishna Canvas Painting

Lord Krishna in green avatar and Radha in purple attire a mix and match and beautiful use of colours in a wall painting will beautify your living room. To check out more option scroll through our paintings online at

28 Radha Krishna Canvas Painting Online

Radha dancing to the tunes of Krishna is a visual treat. This beautiful explosion of colors on a canvas art painting is what we desire for our home decor.

29 Lord Krishna Canvas Painting

The 3-panel canvas wall art painting for your living room and offices. This colour and feel of this painting will surely enhance the beauty of your space.

30 Krishna Paintings Modern Art On Canvas

Add love and serene atmosphere with this beautiful and artistic Radha Krishna painting on canvas to give a contemporary look to your living room and office space.

Radha Krishna Paintings on Canvas Online

The representation of Radha Krishna creates a great visual treat of colors and a multitude of options that can bring any home décor to life. While the origins of these art paintings are religious, with the modern and abstract representations not only have the options increased but so have the ways to express the ethos that Radha Krishna symbolize.

These are the ultimate expression of eternal love and love is a religion in itself irrespective of country, class, culture or creed. An online art gallery like has multiple options to choose from that are impossible to get in a retail store. So get your art painting online and add a splash of color, life and love to your home décor![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]