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Surround Yourself with Damask Wallpapers!

“The walls were covered with faded red damask” the book lovers must have come across this line in many novels!?

Wallpapers with a grand, heavy material or cloth fabric with a pattern created into it. Good for the feel-good factor!

You may think living room wallpapers aren’t popular. Maybe you are used to watching it on TV in old homes in shows like Downton Abbey, rather than in a decor magazine. When done properly, damask wallpapers can decorate your home and dramatically enhance its charm. When the time comes to put it on the sale, proposed buyers prefer nothing more than a well-appointed home, staged to express the beauty, and style.

Damask Wallpapers

Damask Wallpapers for Wall

Why Damask Wallpaper?

Damask wallpapers have raised their fame in modern years, driving its production in various styles of all colors, sizes, and materials. 

Damask wallpaper is a broad category that has something for all tastes, and in every room of your home—from aggressive to silent, for halls or formal dining rooms to living rooms — even damask wallpaper that looks gorgeous in bathrooms. They are trendy as well as timeless designs. Best choice for your interiors and are a design that can be found all over in fashion. They are available in a broad variety of styles from traditional, to modern to floral adaptations, making them a handy choice for your home. Damask wallpapers give off a luxurious, rich, and grand feel that can work in many environments with a variety of scales and textural details to build a suitable aura. Get the ideal design that makes your castle rich and luxurious. 

Damask Wallpapers for Living Rooms

Living rooms and family rooms are ideal places to showcase a unique damask pattern. Large living rooms and open floor areas that connect to the kitchen or a drawing-room are ideal for larger, bold patterns that help tie in the overall look and feel of your home. Be sure that your design and color choices complete your style instead of diminishing from it.

Damask wallpaper is a versatile wallpaper choice that is perfect when used in living rooms. They are stylish and luxurious, often appearing in high scale or bold patterning. 

They work great when matched with other ornate pieces of furniture.  Build a sense of luxury and beauty, or can offer a feeling of detail and depth in a more contemporary area with usual and refined furnishings to produce a stunning yet peaceful contrast.


The earliest known wallpapers are damask wallpapers. Damasks are more than only a blast from the past; this versatile pattern is still completely suitable today in different styles, layers, and shades. Damask wallpapers are well-known for their specific and beautiful floral and animal designs, with an ultimately unforgettable appearance. 

There are two famous styles of patterns when ordering designer damask wallpaper. Here are a few suggestions on how to organize the uniquely distinct styles of damask wallpaper:

1. Traditional Damask Wallpaper

Traditional damask patterns set back to the Middle Ages and follow a natural blending of animal and floral themes. Flowers, leaves, small animals like birds, they looked to nature back then. Classic damask wallpapers appear in luxurious and royal patterns with huge ornaments and decorative curls. Traditional wallpapers follow the form of the elegantly decorated interiors of the renaissance.

2. Contemporary Damask Wallpaper

Contemporary damask wallpapers show a completely different story. These damask patterns translate the complex forms of the ever-popular damask medallion and strip down the detail for a few ornamental looks. The wisps and swirls become simplified into soft curves or clear sides of a transitional look.

Contemporary Damask Wallpaper

Contemporary Damask Wallpaper

Damask Wallpapers Color Schemes

The damask design comes in a wide range of colors, from the darkest of reds to the lightest of blues. But what kind of beneficial impacts can you gain in your living room or bedroom by applying different color schemes? Here are two good examples of damask wallpaper color schemes for the lifestyles of the courageous and the tame.

 Tungsten Ornate Damask Wallpaper

Tungsten Ornate Damask Wallpaper

Designing a Suitable Ambiance with Damask Wallpapers:

1. Charcoal Ornate Damask Wallpaper

Traditional damask wallpaper styles with a modern twist can be a magnificent extension to a regular or transitional area. They give off an artistic vibe and are a classic, timeless option that will have a great lifespan. To have the old trick on-trend, you can use damask wallpaper as an accent or feature wall in your space rather than all of your walls.

Charcoal Ornate Damask Wallpaper

Charcoal Ornate Damask Wallpaper

2. Embossed Grey Twisted Pattern

A damask with a gathered velvet touch is excellent for a living room or bedroom and will have a sweet and rich look. The texture of the thronged pattern will help increase depth and dimension, and combine the traditional thronged style with a modern damask appearance.

Embossed Damask Wallpaper

Embossed Damask Wallpaper

3. Rose Damask Wallpaper

Modern damask wallpapers come in fresh and appropriate colors, mixing all the newest trends in wallpaper with layering, texture, and iron detailing. The large-scale damask is a bold design, however, is toned down with the light rose and white colors that provide it a romantic and charming vibe.

 Damask Style Wallpaper

We wish to have inspired your visions for damask wallpaper patterns in your living room. Whether it be old or modern, a range of subtle tones, or a burst of bright color, damask has endured the test of time and is still a popular choice for living rooms today. Damask wallpaper gets its name from Damascus (Syria) in the European Middle Ages. Just additional information while you go all damasking ?



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