ideas of living room designs

The Minimalist Ideas of Living Room Designs

There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh and tidier space. For those of us who lead busy lifestyles, keeping our homes clean becomes quite a tedious task. But we’ve got a better idea: Why not become a minimalist? That will solve all your problems. Minimalist ideas of living room designs basically mean less is more. Think smart and grow with modern solutions!

From monochrome designs to laid-back luxury, this interior design trend has got the first position on our priority list. 

It can be black and white photography with line drawings or simply a bright monochrome. Minimalist wall art is very versatile and will look just as much at home in a light and modern environment as it would in a moody room.

However simple it may appear, it actually is not. Here is a combined list of minimalist wall art ideas of living room designs curated specially for you to get started with your decor designing journey!

Several ideas of living room designs

1. Abstract Art Prints

Abstract art takes subjects from reality but presents them in a way that is totally different from what we see in reality. Lines, colors, and shapes to modify the subject. The best part of abstract art is that it leaves a lot of imagination and the viewer can think of his/her own version of the art print. 

In minimalist abstract art prints, eliminating unnecessary elements of the subject to create a subtle and minimal look is the objective. For example, Cubism is a type of minimal abstract art where the natural forms of the subject get presented by their geometrical equivalents also applicable for small living room designs ideas.

ideas of living room designs

Abstract Buildings Canvas Wall Art

2. Floral Art

Prints Floral designs are the secret weapon of every interior design. There is no home that a bunch of colorful flower patterns cannot lighten up. If you’re into evergreen art or colorful botanical illustrations, then this is your perfect solution. 

Experiment with color. Fresh watercolor abstracts for living room designs modern are the perfect way to splash your home with a doze of colors. Instant mood boost guaranteed. 

You can also gather wallpaper for a living room designs, namely; vintage florals and pair them with contemporary frames, since they are making a comeback in the latest trends! Team the florals with a romantic interior for your loved one — pastel shades, vintage fabric, and flower vases to complete the look. 

Other ideas of living room designs include adding oriental zen to the interior with a Japanese floral art print. The Japanese say flowers are a very important part of their religion, as it looks after the changing of seasons and the cycles of the earth. Floral prints here might generate a sense of time passing and transformation. You could go for a large floral print and keep the rest of the decor minimal.

Floral With Peacock Wallpaper

Floral With Peacock Wallpaper

3. Modern Art Prints 

Modern art fans or those searching for a simpler subject for ideas of living room designs that have a touch of real-life may enjoy an arrangement of man-made and natural objects. A modern art print conveys a sense of calm on the basis of its unique composition.

One such example is still life prints. These prints look great in a kitchen or dining room, incorporated into everyday life. 

We must also share some great modern home decor ideas

To start with, you can hang up wall art. If you have a large piece of artwork, then place it above your bed, fireplace, or living room sofa. Choose contrasting color schemes so the art grabs attention instantly. Make sure, when you’re hanging a painting, align the center at around 60 inches (1.52 m) from the floor. That way it won’t look too high or too low. 

Building a gallery wall full of collages is a fun way to experiment with frames and different themes. Family pictures, souvenirs from exotic holidays, everything can go up on the wall. Add gilded mirrors and abstract wall art along with them. 

Tree On Grey Wood Wallpaper Mural

Tree On Grey Wood Wallpaper Mural

Showcase beautiful fabrics in the display as wall hangings framed in acrylic glass to protect them from harmful rays, dust, or dirt. This will add texture to the surrounding. 

You can also grab your brush and experiment yourself. Bring back the child in you and paint a mural on a small section for an experiment, and then go ahead and complete the rest of it. If not mural wall art, then try motifs or stencils in light and dark combinations to grace up your wall. A stenciled wall is an excellent backdrop to showcase your experimental artwork. And trust us, it won’t look shabby at all! Minimalism is about decreasing needless luxuries and the things from your decor and simplifying things. Many homes are turning to minimalist decor as a delightful style of elegant, orderly and clutter-free living. Our homes tell a lot about our personalities, so go by your taste in home decor!

Your interior design requirement might vary with different settings and backdrops, but make sure you keep it minimal and purchase the right kind of wall art prints that are suitable to your subtle and curated surroundings and space.




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