What is Wallpaper in Interior Design

Wallcoverings are not only essential for their aesthetic importance but also to add durability to your walls and ceilings. The typical misconception with wallpaper is that once implemented we would be permanently stuck with it. However, with the recent developments, wallpapers come with easy-to-peel adhesives, without causing severe damage to the walls or ceilings.Whether it is your home or office or restaurant, the living room or the dining room, a single wall or the entire space,  options are endless with wallpaper designs.

Some of the commonly used designs include faux finishes of stone walls, brick, concrete slab, wooden textures and offers a highly realistic look within your budget. Wallpaper murals, including images of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha (among the more common ones) and others are also recently in trend for interior designs. With the advent of the ability to print custom images on wallpapers online and the fact that you can now print almost anything and create your own wall décor, the options are more and myriad. Wallpaper designs that can be ordered online now include floral paintings, favourite cars, personal or kids works of art or just about anything! Interior design is now changing and changing to reflect one’s own personality through personalized wall covering

Types of wallpaper in Interior Design:

The world of interior design wallpapers material is a large and confusing universe in itself with different textures, patterns, thicknesses and top material add ons. It can be extremely confusing to choose and price points vary from very cheap options to those that are extremely expensive and even handmade! Among the most popular types are vinyl interior design wallpapers that can be almost as durable as your home. These do not tear easily, are easy to clean and maintain and a very cheap option as well though as thickness and textures increase, so does the price. Then there are non-woven which are smooth as well and give a very smooth elegant look to your walls.The fact that these are smooth, helps ensure that they do not trap a lot of dust and are easy to clean and maintain as well. Then there is a whole emerging category of interior design wallpapers such as grass wallpapers, bamboo wallpapers, flock wallpapers, foam wallpapers, metallic wallpapers, fabric wallpapers and the list keeps increasing as the result of ongoing innovation.

Wallpaper for Interior Design in Home

Custom interior design wallpapers also now enable that each room can be themed and the number of themes can only be limited by the choice of colours and imagination. When we think of a living room or a drawing-room, we always want to display such works of art that would fill the living room with energy and liveliness as this is the first room one steps into. ‘Positivity at its best’ is usually the ultimate aim of the interior design wallpapers design. There is an alternative thought that this space also is the one that sets your mind to ease such as a background of nature. It is also the most important room and a lot of feng shui and Vaastu consultation is reverted to for creating the perfect wallpaper images. Enter horses, flowing water or scriptures or even deities to ward off evil effect

Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Interior Design in Home

Colour adds another dimension to the entire interior design giving it a new charm. Different colours emanate different energies and having a decent understanding of the importance and effect of each colour may often also be an important criterion. Works of art with clarity, a good visibility and colour effect certainly makes a huge impact on the mind of the viewer and hence it is important to choose the best piece of art that one can view thousands of times and would love to see once again without preconceived thought.

Kitchen Interior Design Wallpaper

The interior design of a kitchen is another interesting work of art and wallpaper images usually are a reflection of food or ingredients. Wallpaper images of food conjure up the perception and win half the taste battle in the mind and make it more palatable .No wonder why lounges, restaurants and hotels have beautiful images of succulent fresh enticing food irrespective of how their food tastes. The wallpaper images can keep changing and if analysed, the most ordered dish is more often than not the most displayed one.

Interior Design Wallpapers for Nursery or Kid’ Rooms

Another popular trend is the evolution of nursery wallpapers and kids wallpapers.These can be educational, aspirational to focus your kid’s dreams or even about her growing up marking milestones in her life communicated through collages or even her works of art, performances to the traditional choice of doodle patterns and cartoon images depicting a happy space.

Wallpaper for Interior Design of a Bedroom

The walls of the bedroom are the last and first objects that you see every day. Floral pastel patterns or collages of the family are a perennial favourite as these put one’s mind at peace. This is also the corner of your home that you can adorn your ceiling with ceiling wallpaper for obvious reasons. Finally, the wallpaper design and the choice of wallpaper images do tend to have a profound effect on not just what you evolve to be mentally but also the way people your space.The effects are thus both impressionistic and expressionistic to you.

Wallpaper Inspiration for Interior design

Just like a dress exemplifies one’s style statement, so does the choice of wallpapers for the interiors. Choice of wallpaper defines the persona of your space and reveals a great deal about your creativity and ingenuity with respect to home decor. In other words, you can create a work of art with your interiors with the right choice of wallpaper. Let us look at some tips for making the right choice:

1. Choosing the right background is the first step.

A warm colour always intensifies the size of your space and makes it look bigger. If paired with a subtle pattern, the look creates a welcoming space for guests and visitors. Floral patterns on warm colours intensify the airy feel in the interiors. In contrast, darker background colours make space appear smaller. Whether you want to affix a formal touch or a casual vibe, transform your space into a fun and vibrant one or diffuse tranquillity, make sure to choose the right colour palette with the proper combination of texture on wall coverings which makes all the difference.Paired with the right furniture and voila! you have a living room or a dining room or your office breakroom to be envious about.

2. Install wall coverings with larger designs on a single wall

It is preferable to install wall coverings with larger designs on a single wall as they tend to make space look smaller.Imagine a single wall dedicated to Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ or ‘Almond Blossoms’ and subtle colour for the remaining walls.Just like makeup, it is always better to focus on a single area to catch the attention of your spectators. You can also dedicate a wall to create a statement or express yourself.For instance, a pet lover may install a cute animal wallpaper (for example, cat and dog wallpapers, giraffe wallpapers etc.) to let your guests know your personal preferences.

Horizontal stripes tend to widen the room as opposed to vertical stripes. Vertical stripes add height to your space, seemingly making the ceiling higher.It is always safer to opt for subtle designs as they never go out of fashion. However, you can always choose a bold design for the living space or hall.Wallpapers are no longer restricted to walls nowadays. Wallpapering your ceiling is becoming a popular trend amongst designers. This is a great way to highlight architectural features. If you have a lot of photographs or wall artwork to display, keep your walls plain and add wallpaper to your ceiling. It’s a fun way to introduce pattern and colour to a room.

In a nutshell, your space is not just about communicating about yourself but also about doing something to create an internal impact that helps channelize your energy and aspirations. Wallpaper décor and wallpaper images play a hugely important role for the prime reason that they can be custom printed with just about any wallpaper image to create the desired impact.

Happy Decorating!