What makes Custom Roller Blinds online a Favored Option Versus Curtains?

When it comes to dressing up the windows for your homes, there are quite a few considerations one has to make such as maintenance, ease of use, practicality, light blocking, and matching themes. While we may often settle on curtains as a preferred choice due to the wide variety of fabric and the perceived ease of use, it is time one also checks out custom roller blinds online as an option, especially roller blinds, and thoroughly assesses them on the basis of these parameters.                                                     

While there can be different types of blinds, such as Roman, Venetian, and Roller, roller blinds consist of a single piece of fabric that is wrapped around a casing and is fitted upon the window frame. These have a winding mechanism at the side of the casing with a pull chord to pull them up or down. The mechanism to pull them up or down can also be automated. Versus other types of blinds that may consist of slats that gather dust, roller blinds can be easily cleaned. Curtains, on the other hand, may need to be periodically washed, and depending on the dye used to color, they may lose color over a period of time. This problem is further acerbated to constant exposure to the sun which may also tend to fade them. Roller blinds for windows, on the other hand, do not tend to fade, can be printed with designs of choice and last much longer with minimal maintenance.                                                    

Roller blinds for windows come with winding chords and can be pulled up or down using these. The winding mechanism is easy and can just be rolled up or down to permit enough light. These come in two variants – blackout and translucent. Blackout roller blinds do not permit light whereas translucent ones permit just enough light and at the same time can be coordinated with the overarching theme for the entire room. Depending on how much light you’d like to enter the room, you can roll up the blinds accordingly to create the effect. Whether you’re watching TV or stay in places with longer days and more sunlight, blinds can be more efficient.

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 There certainly are personal preferences at play here. Whether it’s the need to create a sense of luxury, for which heavy curtains can be more suitable or to create a theme where the window blends in and one does not want to shift focus away to the curtains from the décor and investment on interiors; apart from the functionality one wants to achieve with curtains or blinds. Curtains come in a myriad of colors but one has to depend on the variety offered by retailers and may need substantial hunting to zero in on the right ones that match the décor theme. On the other hand, if you have deco windows and want to highlight them, roll up your blinds completely and the focus will shift from the blind to your window. And that’s the best part, either use them to blend in the theme – get them in the same color as your wall, the same pattern as your wallpaper or if it’s your kid’s bedroom, print a collage or his favorite characters! There’s a ton of versatility on offer here and you can use them to the hilt! 

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To sum it all up, roller blinds can be a much more versatile option whether it is themes or practicality or ease of use, but what about the cost? This is where preferences actually change too! If one were to assess in terms of cost, one would also have to take the total cost of ownership into perspective. While curtains can definitely be cheaper initially, in the long run, they can be much more expensive. Blinds tend to last 5-7 years on average while curtains may go on for a year or two. So while blinds may cost two times more, they may outlive 3 – 4 sets of curtains in their lifetime, making them half as expensive as curtains!