Why Buddha Interior Wall Paintings are a must-have for your Home?


The Buddha is a religious figure and an example of how to walk the path of mindfulness. The name Buddha means “awoken one”. Because the Buddha was a man who woke up to his human life and achieved enlightenment. Buddha, just like each of us, was seeking peace. That’s why the Buddha interior wall painting is a reminder that we can attain happiness and joy in our human life. He’s not a god to be praised, but an illustration and explanation of what it means to wake up and live your own Buddha-nature.

Interior Wall Painting

People want their places to be vibrant, elegant, or simple depending on their taste. However, having a peaceful home where you can get a good night’s sleep is a worldly desire. Peace is a state of mind that is directly connected to the energy of the place we live in. Buddha Interior Wall Paintings are one of the pictures that help to bring in peace and harmony.

Why use Buddha Wallpapers:


The traditional imagery is of the Buddha resting in meditation. There are so many poses for the Buddha-like reclining, standing, and holding various mudras (a symbolic hand gesture). This form of Buddha can be used as a spiritual reminder to develop mindfulness, meditation, and wakefulness each day. The wallpaper of the Buddha can be a great reminder that “the Buddha is not a god somewhere outside of us. His purpose is for us to understand by his example and work on our minds. This way we can make our mind stronger and prepare ourselves for difficult moments.”

Buddha Wall Art for Meditation

Buddha Paintings also emulate the air of motivation among meditation lovers. Many people who are very passionate about meditation are known to have at least one Buddha Art Prints.  As they look up to the Buddha as the source of motivation to proceed with their meditation goals. It is understood that Buddha’s large wall art helps one to be concentrated on meditation.  Ultimately helping him or her to reach the higher heights of meditation as the Buddha himself achieved enlightenment by practicing meditation.

Interior Wall Painting

Buddha Statue/ Wall Decor as a gift

Another reason for one to get Buddha Wall Art is as an item of gifts. For the loved ones, who are passionate about Buddhism, Buddha, ancient wallpapers, or meditation. One cannot refuse how useful a Buddha Wall Art can be as a decorative item in a living room or a garden. No wonder Buddha statues are some of the most gifted items around the world. Due to their strength to motivate and inspire people in their journey for achieving inner peace and joy. All peoples visit many Buddha statues galleries. Whether they visit a physical gallery or an online Buddha Wall Decor gallery to search for the perfect Buddha Art Prints as a gift for their loved ones.

Different Styles of Buddha Statues

Meditating Buddha

Most ordinarily located on the altar of a Buddhist

Signifies attention turned inward

Should be installed facing East

Buddha meditated on the sun when he was seeking wisdom

Laughing Buddha

Symbol of good luck, success, and wealth

Should be located in the southeast area of your home


Kids at feet – west area of your home

Traveling – a north area in your office

Spiritual Journey – Northeast area (education) – Southwest area (relationships)

Interior Wall Painting

Blessing Buddha

Depicts Buddha delivering fearlessness and compassion

Best for the office and study room

Teaching Buddha

Teaching was an essential part of Buddha’s life

Hand position symbolizes the teaching of the Wheel of Dharma, or the union of knowledge and practice, one of Buddha’s teaching methods.

Long Life Buddha

Can be installed in various locations in your home or your garden; each of which has a various symbolization

East – Health

West – Children

Southeast – Wealth

Happy Home Buddha

Holds a parasol

Place in the southwest area, inside or outside your home

Signifies relationships

Reclining Buddha

Symbolizes Buddha in the following years of his life

Helps in the transformation from life to death

Interior Wall Painting

These buddha paintings can be found all over the world, and each version represents a different part of the Buddha’s life. When searching for Buddha wall art for the home, you will find a variety of colors at Print My Space, as well. Each of these shades describes a different level of meditation.